Tottenham have told Manchester City to pay £45 million if they want to sign Kyle Walker, according to The Daily Star.

Walker has been linked with a move to the Etihad for the last couple of months following a reported row with manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The Spurs manager is believed to have concerns over Walker’s fitness and ability to play more than one match a week, something the right-back strongly disagrees with.

Walker lost his place in the starting line-up to Kieran Trippier in big games towards the end of the season, making an exit seem inevitable.

However, doubts were raised over the move when Dani Alves emerged as a target for Manchester City last week. Pep Guardiola apparently wants to sign Alves and Walker to add defensive depth to his squad.

City might find it hard to get Walker, though. £45 million is a lot of money for a 27-year-old, especially when the fitness concerns raised by Pochettino are considered.




  1. For gods sake what is wrong with you man??

    Yesterday Eric Dier and today it’s Kyle Walker!

    All this talk of us setting valuations is a complete invention from the media.

    Both players are not for sale. To think we would quote 50m for Dier and 45m for Walker.

    Both are not for sale and will not leave unless someone bids something absurd such as 70m for Dier and 65m for Walker.

    Even then chances are we’d say no.

    There is no valuation, there is no talks, there is no disagreements and there will be no sales of key players both in the first 11 and squad.

    Stop being a fool and believing everything you read.

  2. 100% agree.

    Why would we sell to a direct rival?

    Why would we sell one year before having to fill a new shiny stadium?

    Why would we sell someone who signed a contract extension only 10 months ago?

    How can someone with means be homesick in respect of a 2 hour journey?

    Walker may want more dosh, he may even get more at Spurs ultimately, but he ain’t going to get it at Citeh.

    There has been no price set, Citeh would pay £45m in a heartbeat!

  3. While I agree with Jerome, if there are two players in the preferred first 11 that are possibly sellable, then it is Walker and Dier.
    Reasons are this:
    1. Levy stated on his start as CEO that he admired the PSV and Ajax model. This included a brilliant academy and the expected sale each year of one established world class first teamer, once 27 plus years old. (Read Walker)
    2. Poch clearly prefers Wanyama in the central defensive midfield role (Call it sweeper). As such, Dier is going to be used as a back three. There are better players to do this. A lot is now expected of Carter-Vickers (judgment still out on this one for me).
    3. With the emergence of the quite brilliant Harry Winks and the correct role for Onomah in the U20 World Cup (deep midfield), this further limits Dier.
    4. If Walker-Peters steps up and Trippier performs as he did, then both Dier and Walker are not huge losses.
    5. Levy can ask a kings ransom in fee. He must take this if agreed.

    My only negative points are:
    1. Dier is Delle’s best bud. Would this unsettle him?
    2. Would this cause the squad to feel that we sell and threaten them maintaining a charge for honours?

    Last point:
    1. I personally feel that both Dier and Walker excel at Spurs. They suit our system under Poch. They are Poch players. They probably will struggle to be that player in other set ups.

    We win either way, so long as Poch is happy and the few is excessive.


  4. Wanyama is not a sweeper, potentially or otherwise. I admire his great DM work, tackling/ball winning skills and his desire to fight hard for the cause, but I believe Dier is the better ball player and distributor. He also links better with Verts and Toby. So it’s a dilemma ..but a pretty good one. It gives us top quality choices in our system, and who we should play, against whom, allowing for injury/suspension/tiredness. Just as Winks will occasionally replace Dembele, we need all the squad to step in to Poch’s system(s) and play in, or slightly out, of their positions ..Dier in a back 3 or defensive midfield …Dier and/or Carter Vickers in a back two or three if there’s injuries .. Alli off Kane or central midfield if needs be ..Lamela/Son ..Kane/Jannsen ..Eriksen/Winks/Alli ..Dembele/Wanyama/Dier ..and so on. This is why it’s vital to keep Walker too, as he and Trippier can alternate ..just as Rose and Davies can. These are great players under Poch and, the guy above is right, they may not be that great somewhere else. But who cares! We simply need to retain all our best in order to forge a significant assault on trophies next year ..and with the bigger Wembley pitch and (hopefully) circa 60 games, we’ll need every man to do his duty ie the whole bloody squad! So resist the sirens of the wealthier clubs they could prove to be the rocks upon which we flounder!


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