Tottenham are refusing to budge on their asking price for Kyle Walker amid interest from Manchester City, according to The Independent.

Walker has been linked with a move to the Etihad for the last couple of months following a reported row with manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The Spurs manager is believed to have concerns over Walker’s fitness and ability to play more than one match a week, something the right-back strongly disagrees with.

Walker lost his place in the starting line-up to Kieran Trippier in big games towards the end of the season, making an exit seem inevitable.

But Tottenham apparently value Walker at close to £50 million, meaning the saga is set to drag on through the summer unless Manchester City pay a huge fee soon.

Wages shouldn’t be a problem for City. Walker earns around £65,000-a-week, which they could easily double.

But with four years left on his contract, you can see why Spurs are keen on receiving big money.



  1. This is such a non-story. Not too long ago both Rose and Walker were allegedly going to Manchester for 30 million each, along with a “mass-exit” of Spurs players. All this having it roots in besotted Manchester supporters quoting alleged rumours in Italian papers.
    Give it a rest

  2. Facts are Man C do need defenders; Boss at Spurs is well known for being a difficult person to negotiate; and there are other players available at £50m. So Man C right to look elsewhere unless price is realistic. Mangala an example of what happens when you pay too much.

  3. It’s no surprise to me. Levy is just being Levy, he’ll screw them for every last penny…and why not. Gone are the days where Spurs players could be picked off, and I won’t say by ‘big teams’ as we are now firmly there with the so called ‘big teams’

  4. neutral what u talking about walker is seen as 1 of the best right backs around at the moment so 40-50 mil is not to far fetched in price he is a memeber of the best defence for past 2 seasons and also england regular , they paid 50 mil for stones so walker is worth that if not more as for mangala the bloke had no prem exp so buying from abroad is always going to be a risk difference is pep knows walker can do it in the prem so no risk involved . if man city dont like the price jog on and buy another spurs wont mind they get to keep walker so no loss for them

  5. Non story.

    Walker may want more money and may have had a slight disagreement with Poch (but no one beats Poch in an argument – just as Capoue, Sissoko, Kaboul et al). He may even have been tapped up by Citeh.

    So what. Spurs don’t have to sell. He’ll be sold only if Poch wants him sold. And Levy will want to play in having a decent team for the new stadium in 12 months time as well as not wanting to sell to a rival (yes, Citeh are true equal rivals of Spurs no matter what the biased and ill-informed press and fans think – especially as they have finished below Spurs in the last two seasons and haven’t beaten Spurs for 3 years – check the league tables if you don’t believe me). Citeh are struggling to meet their home grown player quota especially, why let them of the hook if you are a rival?

    1. If Poch wants him gone, Levy and his negotiating skills will kick in! Trust me, £50m won’t be enough.
    2. If Poch wants to keep him, done, he stays. Walker only signed a new contract 10 months ago so hasn’t got a bargaining tool.

    Yes, staying means he’ll be upset for a while. However, sounds like he’s already regretting throwing his toys out of the pram. He’ll be fine with another pay award round about September…..

    Citeh can have Sissoko, N’Koudou or Wimmer if they want though

  6. I seriously think Kyle is making a big mistake here which could cost him his England place and even less game time. He is prone to the odd mistake defensively and doesn’t always come up with that killer pass. Poch got the best out of him and managed to get him to concentrate on his weaknesses. Managers like Guardiola and Jose won’t put up with that, it will have to be instant success or they have the power, players and money to replace him so he’ll sit on the bench and get even more frustrated and fatter, evenSouthgate will overlook him, just look at Joe Heart!! . I think all the attention has gone to his head and he thinks he’s a better world class player because he’s had a couple of decent seasons under poch, but i do think he’s going to get a rude awakening..


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