Tottenham and Manchester City are yet to agree a fee for Kyle Walker with the saga set to drag on for another week, according to The Independent.

City and Spurs entered talks over the potential transfer of Walker last week, but there hasn’t been any progress since then.

Kieran Trippier, who has just signed a new long-term deal, emerged as Mauricio Pochettino’s preferred right-sided defender towards the end of last season following a reported row between the Tottenham boss and Walker.

Pochettino is believed to have concerns about the 27-year-old’s fitness and ability to play more than one game a week, something Walker strongly disagrees with.

As a result, Trippier started to be picked ahead of Walker for big matches, and Walker has been linked with a move to Manchester City ever since.

But The Independent claims Spurs value the right-back at close to £50 million, and City are unwilling to go that high. The clubs are apparently still “sparring” over the fee.

Matters aren’t helped by a tricky sell-on clause that will only strengthen Tottenham’s resolve.

Spurs and City fans will indeed be hoping Walker’s future is resolved within a week. But there’s a good chance this one will drag on until the very end of the transfer window.



  1. You mean, City are finally gonna stump up for the player they publicly and blatantly tapped-up. They unsettled him from a rival club who didn’t want nor need to sell. Pay up.

    It has been really funny watching them do that and then try to wriggle out of the player price inflation they have helped cause. They paid £50 million for John Stones, pay up City!

  2. Levy should tell City the price is £50 million but in a weeks time it will start to rise by a million a day. Cheatski are going in for a top class full back, Sandro, at £60 million and he is no better than Walker.

    • I believe Mr Levy had named the price at £60 million and he won’t budge too far from it. Ignore the media nonsense.

      You are right. These are the going rates now. They helped inflate the market and now all of a sudden they want mates-rates! They unsettled him. They can pay up or they can do one!

  3. If ANY of this has a grain of truth, then Levy should think very hard!!
    We NEED both Walker AND Trippier for what’s going to be a hard fitness sapping season.
    Possibly 60 games, many at Wembley.
    Also, who would step in and replace Walker right now?? Trippier can’t do it all by himself.
    Walker is world class, and you don’t replace world class players on the cheap.
    If he wants to go, then let him go NEXT summer, because this is a massive season coming up for
    our club. If he then goes for £20m or £30m less, next summer, then at least we’ll still make money,
    but more importantly 1) he’ll play his socks off to maintain a profitable move for him and us next summer 2) it will allow Spurs to find or develop and possibly bed in a like-for-like replacement to compete with Trippier in 2018/19 3) Having a world class full back like Walker could make the difference between a very successful 2017/18 season, or something far less (for the sake of a half penny worth of tar, don’t spoil the ship) …..and 4) DON’T STRENGTHEN OUR RIVALS AT OUR EXPENSE!
    These are all important reasons why Walker should stay and fight for one more season! Then, when he’s done his best for us, he can happily swan off into ‘greener pastures’ as a still world class full back. We, in return, can quietly find a way to replace him, and share the load with Trippier.

  4. If building for the future is what we are doing you do not sell your best or infact any player in the current team.Walker is class but if he wants more money then well guess he will go.Should keep him as we are looking positively to the future.

  5. Mr Levy…dont sell Walker. Any replacement will not be at the same world-class level…would cost £50-60k and take a season to settle in, at a time we need our absolute best. So, what exactly is the advantage to sell? Tell MC to do one!

  6. So far all the noise is in the press which is speculative bull at best. Since when has THFC ever conducted business In public? How many times has Pochettino told the clowns in the media that Spurs will only sell the players they want to sell and not be dictated to? When I hear either Levy or Pochettino say that they are talking with Manchester City about Walker, then and only then will I take a view and not before. It wasn’t that long ago that Walker was regarded by all as a real loose cannon and a liability but under Pochettino he has come on leaps and bounds. This Walker to Manchester City news has been going on for almost a month and previously the clowns masquerading as professional journalist were writing that Spurs were going to swap him for Shaw at Manchester United and in their words like for like, what a load of bollocks. If this proposed transfer doesn’t happen, who do you think the clowns will pin the blame on? You’ve guessed it, Daniel Levy. They’ll call him greedy. FFS who is Walker registered to for the next 4 years? Spurs and no one else. If THFC really deem the player surplus to requirements, they have a right to get as much for him as they can or else the interested party can F.O. If the management feel that they can improve further without the services of Walker, then they get my vote because they are with the players day in day out and have made plans. Personally I believe they have a real gem in their ranks and that gem is Kyle Walker-peters. We shall all see soon enough.

  7. Rob ur a knob s-p right it is 60 plus for him they want to spend 40 so fcuk off or pay up same goes with levy pay the prices stop being tight

  8. Just hope regardless of the Walker outcome that Spurs have players in mind they want to add to strengthen the squad n hope they do it in time to get them Spurs fit n in time for pre-season friendlies . Still not sure of Jansen , could be another season is what he needs , but I wouldn’t mind seeing Celtics Moussa Dembele bought in . Young Striker with pace who I believe Poch would make into an even better player .

  9. I’m celts and spurs demble not as good as everyone things wasn’t that good in a pish Fulham team he looks top class in a poor poor Scottish league were even I would good in would rather James forest if ur looking at celts team winger with pace not scared to take guys on end product quite good now too 5-6 mil would get him as well or even a Scott Sinclair same price but u can look at them say way as dembele thier in pish league and look better then really r look at champs league it proves it as soon as any these guys step up in class they look out off place

  10. At the end of the day, it’s the player that decides, either he wants to be a Spurs player or not. Speculation and rumours = Bullshit.


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