Tottenham are interested in signing Ross Barkley but do not want to pay £50 million for him, according to The Sun.

Barkley rejected a new contract offer from Everton at the end of last season and is expected to move on in the coming weeks.

Spurs had reportedly been in pole position to sign the midfielder, while contrasting reports suggested Tottenham simply don’t think Barkley is worth buying given the strength they already have in the attacking midfield positions.

Others have contended that Spurs are simply waiting for Everton to lower their asking price as the transfer window progresses.

These are typical Daniel Levy tactics. The Tottenham chairman obviously thinks he can sign Barkley on the cheap, particularly considering the 23-year-old has just 12 months left on his current contract.

The Sun’s story suggests Everton are still keen on receiving £50 million for Barkley, but that simply isn’t going to happen given his contract situation.

If this one happens, it will almost certainly be late in the transfer window.



  1. typical of Daniel Levy?

    try paying for a new stadium which costs are rising by the quick at the same time as trying to be competitive in the transfer market

  2. Must be careful we dont miss out on major targets and have to then scramble for 2nd/3rd choice targets…annoy MP and then look at prospect of his head being turned by a club that would offer him all required targets…and no restrictions.
    DL very shrewd operator but dont overplay the strategy.

  3. If we sign Adrien Silva or Marcel there won’t be room for Barkley anyway! in fact we could get both of them for less than the £50m being quoted for Barkley

  4. BERNARD, you say we have too many midfielders. last season the 3 behind kane was dele, son, ericksen. name the 3 backups we got for those 3. you have no clue what your talking about we need barkley more than anything right now. and people keep banging on about defoe. wake up he never won the golden boot once for us. harry kane has for the last 2 seasons, klinsmann done it in 1 season liniker and clive allen all played less games for our club than defoe but won the golden boot. defoe was greedy with the ball that’s why he did not play for England a lot too.

    • try Dier Winks Dembele Wimmer all on the bench most of the season and llamela coming back how many more do we need ? Jay Barkley is a loose cannon to many errors

  5. Well defoe is a good attacker so i jus suggest we go for sigurdsson a player who has an experience in de premier leaque,in the other way a good replacement for dembele is Verratti of PSG,if we can have him along with Lemar of Monaco dat way we can bolster our squad for champions leaque.

  6. Don’t need Barkley would be good to half as back up but don’t need give young boys a chance plus silva coming in we don’t need some one who can’t be arsed half the time pish goal pre game and Lamar never verrati never we don’t pay they wages and they transfer fees levy to fcuking greedy and does pay what they guys need to come to whl or Wembley as off nxt season if levy pays they will come

  7. I, d agree that Silva would be a good acquisition but we would have to recoup at least 10m for Sissoko. Also why can, the we look at buying from the Championship which has a number of good goalscoring strikers. Jansenn must stay and play more.

  8. Silva is 28, small, not quick, not creative, not particularly defensive and doesn’t score much – yep, I’m sure Poch has seen something he can work on for 26m not. This is agent talk in Portugal, we are not interested….

    Barkley is 23, fast enough, skilful enough, scores and creates, has some talent that he hasn’t worked out how to use yet and has 1 year left on his contract – so sounds much more like a Levy inspired deal to me that a Poch can also work on. At a lower price he’s less risk and we’d make our money back selling him. And we need strength in depth, he can rotate with Alli, Son and Eriksen, thus massively strengthening our bench. If we teach him how to make decisions, he’s about the best we’ll get for the money as he knows the league. Wouldn’t be my first choice but I’m ok if we sign him.


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