Manchester United are set to step up their efforts to sign Eric Dier, according to The Guardian.

The story claims Manchester United are about to go in with a new £50 million bid, despite reports Tottenham have already rejected a £50 million offer for the midfielder.

Earlier this week, The Mirror suggested Jose Mourinho wanted United to make a bid of £60 million to secure the 23-year-old. The Independent believes United’s first bid was under £25 million. The exact fee is clearly up for debate.

Spurs are thought to be unwilling to entertain offers for Dier. However, ESPN contends that United believe the England international is keen to switch north London for Manchester this summer, the main reason being United are able to double his current wages.

The Guardian also claims that while Tottenham want to keep Dier, they are prepared to let Kyle Walker leave for Manchester City.

Spurs can demand crazy fees for Walker and Dier. But for me, losing both would do more harm than good. I expect Walker to go, but Dier to stay put.





  1. gods sake Blind is far better whlst fabinho is the perfect fit. Cpome on Morinho and get yer head out of the clouds n stop spending other peoples money when there are better options out there.

    • Of course, all United players are just inherently better than all Spurs players, aren’t they!?!

      Strange though that these mightily inferior players have formed a team who have finished above United in three out of the last four seasons. Mug ?

  2. What are you peddling fake news for. Dier is going nowhere. The daily Expressrag just printed because United told them to write it. It’s FAKE news I tell you.

  3. Think Jose will be on his bike if Utd aren’t in the top four by christmas ? And if poch is forced to sell players he wants to keep then he might look somewhere else where he can build a team without interference which would be ashame as he has turnt the club around from no chance of wining the league, to it a possibility? which every fan of every club would like to feel at the start of a season .

  4. Mourinho is getting panicky, the briefings to friendly media hacks just the latest example of it. Down the years readers have seen so many of these articles and the very similar pitch adopted to try to attract players. And this must be the first of the last five transfer windows in which the United manager of the day hasn’t tried to sign Kane, the first such offer having been £20m for him indicating how long this has been going on. They tried to get Pochettino. They’ve let hints drop about Dele. A couple of years ago they tried to acquire the Academy head, John McDermott. The thinking seems to be sign-one-then-later-try-for-another, using the first as a magnet. It’s shameless this inability to trust their own players, to try to undermine Spurs while in effect praising Spurs for what is being achieved in North London.

  5. The original source for this news was he told some close friends, LOL!!
    Manure would in footballing terms be a step down and working under moureen you would need at least triple wages just to weigh it up!!
    When the window closes and the Spurs teams is still intact, then all these articles will be shown for what they are, EMERGENCY TOILET PAPER at best!!

  6. I’m really looking forward to Eric Dier’s and THFC’s response to the latest round of rumours concerning Dier wanting to go To Manure and work under the chosen one. I’m sure we would all also like to know the name of this imaginary friend who’s supposedly told a member of a low class rag, the daily star who first came out with the story, that Dier is eager to leave Spurs in order to work with Mourinho at Manure United. Higher wages and a regular place in the team is thrown into the article to make the story seem more credible but I sense that the king rat from Portugal is at work here and getting his arse lickers in the press to do his dirty work for him.

  7. Blind much better than Dier? Excuse me whilst I get my sides sewn back up!
    The whole ‘Dier wants to go to Man Utd’ is BS. He was apparently a childhood Man Utd supporter, and mentioned them in an interview whilst at his former club, and this amounts in the eyes of the press to a desire to now leave Spurs & play for them. That comment was a lifetime ago – a lifetime in which he has become a key part of who & what Spurs are now. Moving to Man Utd would purely be a money move, they are not the footballing power they once were (of course financially they are), their brand of football is now boring and lacking anything resembling excitement; and you don’t know from one week to the next which Jekyll or Hyde incarnation of Mourinho which will turn up, it’s almost like he’s the only man in the world that has a menstrual cycle – and it runs fortnightly (don’t mistake this for dislike, when he doesn’t have his head up his rear end I find him quite engaging, often very witty & amusing). Why would anyone leave a thriving, improving team for that blandness and uncertainty?

    I used to have a great deal of time for Man Utd, in the days of the Class of ’92. In more recent times they’ve become progressively underhand and shady. This kind of tapping up of a player is a prime example.

  8. What makes me laugh more these days is that Spurs are on an upward curve yet the cretins masquerading as professional sports journalist still believe that the club is prepared to stymie that progress by selling their better players to the opposition. Berbatov, Carrick, Modric and Bale are regularly referred to in their articles whilst vaguely acknowledging that the club finished 3rd and 2nd the past two seasons. The cost of building the new stadium is also thrown into the equation citing that players need to be sold in order to fund the project, completely ignoring that funds are already in place for that project which will not hinder the playing side. The preoccupation in the press where Spurs are concerned, means to me at least that certain people are very worried of what THFC could become and are trying in their best to destabilise. THFC are a massive club with a very rich and successful history although the past 20 years have been a shambles to be honest and that shambolic 20 year period has given the cretins plenty of ammunition to shoot at the club but what goes around, comes around.


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