Kyle Walker has officially completed his move to Manchester City, and the defender has posted a video tribute to his former club Tottenham on Twitter.

The 27-year-old thanked his teammates, the staff and the Spurs fans for all of their support during his nine years at club.

The deal, believed to be worth £53 million, was announced by both clubs today. The reported fee makes Walker the world’s most expensive defender and the most costly English footballer ever.

Walker’s exit has proved divisive among Tottenham supporters to say the least. Some think it’s a bad decision to strengthen a rival, while others believe the right-back’s departure isn’t a huge loss.



  1. If he wants to go there is nothing we can do.I just want to see Spurs move forward.I hope we send the money better than we did when we sold Bale

  2. He didn’t want to go. Levy and Poch manipulated this.
    Reality is sad, but it was coming as it will be next summer again (probably Rose), and so on.
    Why? Because Levy when he took over stated he would model the club on PSV and Ajax. A great Academy and sell a top player every summer once they have reached minimum 27 years old and the Academy has produced s good prospect resdy to Step up. Read Walker- Petrrs. They wanted Sessegnon to understudy Davies, but it didn’t happen, if we get Luke Shaw, then I’m pretty certain Rose will be off right now or January.
    I’ll miss Walker but this is the right decision

  3. It’s a simple model and one that actually balances the team and what we the fans want, with, good business timing.
    We have not gone backwards by selling Walker. Poch is aware of the model and won’t compromise the teams progress. All he must judge is the timing and the age requirement.
    Let’s be honest we are worried about cover for Trips. Poch must feel W-P is stepping up and ready. This is the only position that we had all factors met.

  4. That is why Dier would not be sold. He is our cover in emergency on the right side, as well as a back three and cover for Wanyama.
    Look at the whole picture and it does make sense.

  5. By waiting to sell we got a better price now lets get Periera having already missed Bruma and Ramirez for a combined 25M

  6. I wrote an article over three years ago stating that within 10 years Spurs would have a squad made up of 50-60% Academy graduates.
    I said that we wouldn’t need to go out and bust the bank, as it would not be nevesssry. That’s why we identify young talent to cover for what the Academy is lacking in certain positions.
    We should not be surprised or worried if we don’t buy big. We don’t need to. City, United needed to.
    We will finish above both of them, no sweat.
    We will start winning trophies from this season onwards now.
    We should believe in Poch.

  7. Our Academy will have to produce true excellence. In the current Market the top players are now £50m upwards, and the elite probably £150m now.
    It’s a big ask, but we are therefore looking for the Academy to produce players that are £50m plus prospects.
    To be the top team we need top players. This needs only 1 or 2 graduates a season yo satisfy that potential.
    It’s actually brilliant for another reason. We need to pay bigger salaries to keep the very best . If we actually produce a net sales profit each year if £50m, this is the same as paying 10 players an extra £100k per week. What it gives is us the ability to ensure we protect our team, and inspire our players

  8. The Walker story is old and tedious now. Let’s focus. We require a striker. We have strikers in the form of Kazaiah Sterling and Shayon Harrison. Either one would be thrilled to be promoted behind Harry Kane. Keep Jansen at least for another season to allow us options at any given time. Carter-Vickers hasn’t been sold or loaned out so I am assuming Pochittino still regards him as an option. Kyle Walker-Peters and Onomah are ready for the big show. As I see it we’re all good. One or two fleet footed attacking wingers. There is a lot of space out on the Wembley ground and we will need our defenders to have stamina and pace.

  9. Enjoy your pension pot Walker, not quite as bad as joining the other north London lot.
    Levy and Pooch you got thus one soooooo wrong

  10. Liverpool proved in past & Chelsea are doing it now , that, even if you are CHAMPIONS you must add new blood. So if you are runners up you surely have to. We need 3 or 4 quality additions & no sales of best players


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