Spurs midfielder still keen on Manchester United move

Spurs midfielder still keen on Manchester United move

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 12: Eric Dier of Tottenham Hotspur in action during The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final match between Tottenham Hotspur and Millwall at White Hart Lane on March 12, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Eric Dier is still eager to join Manchester United despite the fact Tottenham are adamant he is not for sale, according to multiple reports.

Manchester United have been linked with a move for Dier for weeks now as Jose Mourinho attempts to add a defensive midfielder to his ranks.

The United boss is apparently a huge fan of Dier, who he turned his attentions to after a deal for Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic stalled. Mourinho is thought to still be keen on both Dier and Matic.

According to The Mirror and The Manchester Evening News, Dier is undeterred by Spurs’ stance and is still interested in joining United.

The 23-year old, who signed a long-term deal with Tottenham last season, could double his current £70,000-a-week wages at Old Trafford.

But Mauricio Pochettino is apparently eager for Dier to stay with Spurs, and the club doesn’t want to sell any more first-team players after losing Kyle Walker to Manchester City.

It’s unlikely there’ll be any development until United come in with another bid.


  1. This is rubbish. There are no quotes from Dier whatsoever. The assumption seems to be that every player wants to play for United and all they need to do is click their fingers, offer loads of money, and off they go. Spurs wanted to sell Walker – Poch’s team selections in the run-in showed that Kyle had stepped out of line and would no longer be part of the plan. The only other players who will leave are any that Poch wants to sell. Apart from Sissoko and maybe Wimmer, he wants to keep them al and they are all on long contracts. End of..

    • I hope you’re right about Dier, but Walker DID want to go, although selling him could prove a big mistake this season; plus it has also sent a negative message to our our other key players, and to the football world generally. Dier maybe DOES want to move to Utd and double his wages, and having seen Walker get his way, despite Walker’s similar long contract with us, thinks he’s got a chance. Despite our league superiority in the past two seasons, Utd are still rightly considered a bigger club than us. Spurs have to stand firm over Dier, and show strength and determination in front of ALL our key players now if we are serious about true progression and winning trophies. But let’s not delude ourselves over this Walker mistake! We can’t keep thinking about building for the future …we have to grab the present NOW, with this fine squad, with both hands. The thing is, if we CAN stand firm and finally stop being a ‘selling club’, then there is no reason why we can’t get back to the parity (and equal respect) we used to have with United in the football world, many years ago. Then, in the not too distant future, we might even get top Utd players (as well as those at Liverpool, Chelsea and City ..Arsenal would be pushing it) asking to join Tottenham!! So Dier must stay, and hopefully the man himself will not regret staying at Spurs ..if he HAS had his head turned by Utd’s attention. As for Walker, I don’t care if he ‘stepped out of line’, Poch/Levy were simply wrong to sell him. A blogger made a good point about Poch that, if he DOES have a fault, he doesn’t have a forgiving nature. If he falls out with any key player then the sale of that player should be a last resort ..after every other attempt at reconciliation has failed. I say ‘key’ because he’s only really fallen out with fringe players before, like Townsend. Both Walker and Trippier were needed this for the new season, and we can’t replace a world class r/b like him easily (not yet anyway, which is why we should have kept him for one more season while promising him his move away next summer). Walker would have fought for us if only to keep his value up, and no doubt he’d still have gone to one of the northern clubs in 2018. Even a sale at say £35m would have been better for us next year, than circa £50m now! If anything happens to Trippier (injury, suspension, tiredness with work overload) then we’re screwed on that vital right hand side. Walker-Peters is not ready yet, and any buys coming in are not going to bed in and suddenly be world class like Walker. So ..a stupid move Tottenham! Walker should not have gone at ANY price at the start of a possible 60+ game season, many of which are going to be on a tiring Wembley pitch where pace and defensive acumen is needed 100% on that right side.

      • 1 Spurs wanted to sell Walker.

        2 There are no multiple reports. There is a Manchester United supporting Manchester local newspaper person “claiming” Dier is “desperate” to join United without a shred of corroborating evidence. Indeed, there has been no corroborating evidence whatsoever.

        The only so-called evidence that has been produced pertaining to Dier’s attitude about this are a claim that he “supported United as a kid”; an interview from when he was seventeen when he expressed admiration for some erstwhile United players; and the eponymous “his friend [unidentified] says so” – which is quite likely just a tactic for unsettling. I suspect that this Manchester United supporting journalist has simply conflated these three “proofs” that Dier wants to join United, together with his own belief,bad a United fan that they are the greatest team in the World ever, and always take players off Tottenham, etc. In other words, he’s invented a case scenario in his head where Dier absolutely must be desperate to join United whether he’s actually given any indication that it is the case or not.

        He maybe reached this conclusion with some prompting from United themselves. They have clearly been on a campaign of tapping-up and unsettling Spurs players (multiple) since Mourinho joined Guardiola in publicly declaring he would love to take some players off Tottenham but “the world is not like that now”. This was. In itself, a subtle form of tapping-up, but not that subtle. Judging by how many of Tottenham’s players they have been linked with, I suspect United are trying to bully a player out of Spurs to show that they can still bully a player off them, just like with Berbatov. And they will try every underhand trick in the book to do that – just like with Berbatov.

        But there is not one single shred of genuine evidence that Dier is “desperate” to join United. It may be that if Pochettino told him Spurs were prepared to talk to United and asked if he wanted to go, Dier would say yes. But that is nowhere near the same as saying he is “desperate” to join United. And it is a million miles from saying he is actively looking to leave Tottenham, let alone “desperate” to leave. United are quite simply unsettling a rival’s players.

        As for Spurs, Daniel Levy has never forgiven United for their disgraceful behaviour over Berbatov. The footballing world is very different now. United are no longer the preponderantly dominant force now. Spurs are very much improved, and will very soon have a stadium that will ultimately revolutionise their finances. I suspect this latter is why their rivals are targeting them now. Just remember, Spurs wanted to sell Walker. Doing so has given them plenty of money to spend – with other expendable assets, like Sissoko, and the money from Bentaleb, Radio, Mature, etc., there is money to spend. And Pochettino will not want any further disruption to his first team. Levy has stressed far too many times that neither Dier nor any other player will be sold if they don’t want to sell. He would lose far too much face by backing down on that now and it would drive a wedge between him and Pochettino.

        Reputable ITK says Levy and ‘the club’s are absolutely adamant on this and also, mostly, that Dier won’t keep up any kind of fuss and is happy at the club. This conflated nonsense from one Manchester supporting regional journalist, possibly encouraged by United, is the “report” that your “multiple reports” are reporting! And that is it, no quotes, nothing. It is “news” reduced to the level of gossip.

    • Don’t talk rubbish mate please, if you were a real football fan and knowledgeable you’d know Spurs have every chance of taking him where he wants to be. United are in decline even if they are going down fighting, they are falling from grace just as Liverpool did 21 years ago. Dier has not expressed any desire to leave Spurs, a lot of players really don’t want to play for Jose the bighead, he’s getting a worse rep with each club he goes to, his beloved Chelsea players forced him out! Dier will be at Spurs for the foreseeable future, United have less than zero chance of buying players from Spurs, Levy hates the club and hates Jose as much. Not once has Dier said he wants to play for United, he said that when he was very young and playing in Portugal, he’s not said it in public since, this is a hack story from a paper only fit for chip wrapping.

    • Bob, Spurs have finished above United in three of the last four seasons. Spurs have a better team than United. They have a younger manager who is a better long-term better long term bet than Mourinho. They have a better youth set-up. They have better training facilities. Pretty soon they will have a better, more innovative and more technology advanced stadium, that will revolutionise their finances. It will be the second biggest club ground in England (after OT, obviously).

      At the start of the 1990’s Spurs had won as much as United, had been more recently successful and generated the most revenues of any club in England. The marketing guru who would revolutionise Manchester United’s marketing revenues, was at WHL – and was a lifelong Spurs fan. The struggling United manager, who most United fans wanted shot of, had came within a millimeter of joining Spurs – his wife had pulled the plug on the move because she didn’t want to live so far south. I am, of course, talking about Ferguson who gave United an epoch of dominance. United, on the other hand, had won virtually nothing in decades. They had gone through a succession of high profile managers who flopped. They had taken a massive risk in developing a greatly increased capacity Old Trafford at a time when Old Trafford at a time when the hooligan problem was driving attendances down*. And they had a hugely unpopular manager, who the fans were clamouring to get rid of. Within a short space of time, Mr Scholar virtually destroyed THFC by misusing club funds for personal interests, something the club is only now recovering from, at just the same time as Ferguson produced a brilliant crop of young players, the Class of 92, just in time to take advantage of the BPL, CL and TV money gravy train. That is how quickly the balance of power can shift between teams.

  2. This is the rubbish story doing the rounds started by the sports hack at the Daily Mirror rag of a chip wrapper. Not once has Dier said he wants to leave Spurs since he’s been at the club, The Daily rag have no sources to quote or taped interviews with Dier. This story comes way back when Dier was a young player in Portugal and he was quoted in an interview as saying he’s a United fan and would love to play there one day, that’s it, this is where pathetic hacks who can’t write, get their information from. This is a piece to justify a so called writer with low intelligence his/her job. They are very adept at twisting old quotes and half truths into something current, because they are incapable of getting off their alcohol soaked butts and actually trying to do some credible research. The last quoted thing Dier said was, he’s more than happy at Spurs and doesn’t want to leave, now hacks, go report on that little fact or doesn’t it have the same gloss as selling all of our players to Manure?

  3. Eric Dier’s positive comment about Manchester United allegedly dates from when he was age 17 when he was being chased a bit by Arsenal, Spurs and Man Utd, and then he signed with Sporting Lisbon. In rejecting United and the others, he was young lad-courteous enough to make nice comments about them at a time when they were in their pomp and managed by Alex Ferguson as they would be for three years more. He retired from that post in 2013, has been gone these past four years, and what a difference in style and substance at Old Trafford there has been since 2013 despite each summer transfer window’s ‘big statement’ signings that very often last a season before being moved on as if failures.

    A story from the Manchester Evening news just means that it’s used as a local outlet friendly to the interests of the local club. As for the Mirror, does it too still print in Manchester? Very obliging mouthpieces.

  4. All of these rumours are from United biased journalists. What a surprise. They provide no evidence or from who they found this out.
    Look through it and what you find is United using the media to communicate or disrupt.
    Not one unbiased reporter has written on this.
    Anyone can state something but without support it’s just bs.
    “Messi wants to join Spurs”

  5. Ok I’m gonna say it. United you are living in the shadow of a golden era of Fergie. He’s gone and with it the magic of his teams. If you believe that United are this amazing attraction still, think again.
    Anyone joining you now are doing it for cast rewards. Look what you havd to offer Lingard to extend his contract.
    While Spurs don’t pay the same, we are creating a magic that attracts players.
    Dier does not strike me as a player purely led by money. That would be the only reason he would jump ship, and that will not happen.
    Do keep spending £100m on your players, to try and make quick fixes. That doesn’t buy you loyalty.
    Spurs are creating a team loyal too each other and young. Dier would not give that up to join your lot

  6. How many times is this regurgitated bullshit going to do the rounds? Total cut and paste bollocks from a totally biased Manchester rag and the anti Spurs excuse for a newspaper the Mirror. The same crap was written by the Northern pounces last week, earlier this week and I will be shocked if the down trodden don’t repeat next week. They simply cannnot get it into their thick slavish heads that Spurs are not prepared to sell Eric Dier to them.

  7. Every player is a fan of a club. Common sense says very few player get to play for that club. And if it’s all about being at the best club, every player would play for Real Madrid, or at least be on their books. The real world doesn’t work like that. He’s signed a contract and will not be sold – simple as that. Once his contract expires it may well be different.
    It’s like any job. Do you get on with the boss? Do you get on with your workmates? Will you have the role you want? Etc etc. There is no evidence at all saying he wants to leave. Most footballers would thint twice about playing for Jose. Look at the way he’s treated Smalling and Shaw. Bosses who publicly slag off their staff are unlikely to earn their respect.

  8. if manchester united wants eric dier for 60 million.

    ask them to give Henrikh Mkhitaryan as Exchange for 25 million plus buy back clause in eric dier.

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan is 28 years old. older than sisoko.

    he has champions League and will take Tottenham into next levels.and in wembley he will be excellent.

    and this is his peak Time. in my view he can be used as eric dier replacement. manchester united should face a player lose like we Lose dier.

    or one year loan by keeping buy back clause in eric dier deal.


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