Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has defended the club’s lack of summer transfer activity and suggested the level of spending by the Premier League’s other big clubs is “unsustainable.”

Speaking during Spurs’ pre-season tour of the USA, Levy was asked about other clubs’ spending sprees.

He said: “My view is that it’s totally unsustainable. We’ve managed the club, we think, in a very appropriate way.

“We have a duty to manage the club appropriately. I don’t think that long term for any club it’s sustainable to spend more than you earn. You can have periods where you do, but over the long term you can’t.

“I think some of the activity that’s going on at the moment is just impossible to be sustainable. If somebody is spending £200 million more than they’re earning, then eventually it catches up with you. You can’t keep doing it.”

Levy was also asked if funding the new £750 million stadium is having an effect on Tottenham’s ability to spend on players.

He said: “We have to find the right balance but I can honestly say it is not impacting us on transfer activity because we are not yet in a place where we have found a player that we want to buy who we cannot afford to buy.”

Spurs spent £30 million on Moussa Sissoko last summer, so it’s easy to see why the club is being cautious this time around.

Still, many fans believe the club should splash out on a star player to take the team to the next level. Failing that, a couple of squad additions would certainly help Tottenham’s chances this season.



  1. The guy is a tight arse end of story with him and Enic wanting to cream off as much profit with the least amount of outlay, we are close year after year on a shoestring budget and with a bit of proper investment we could of won the title last year or the year before that! Levy and Enic are holding us back everybody else spends but us, the spammers have signed 4 good players already ffs, getting pissed off with Levy’s excuses and all his pissing about in the transfer market with saga after saga dragging on countless times to try to knock the price down or get a player on the last year of his deal! look at the striker situation over how many years now? 5 years is it that we have had 1 or 2 strikers only? only then for Levy to wait until the 11th hour on transfer deadline day to start bidding! you couldn’t make this shit up! hope he sells to the facebook owner Zuckerberg so we can start investing properly and to start to win things…..Coys!

    • west ham have signed four good players but they are DADS ARMY no future players dead money SPURS are growing have faith

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