Tottenham are interested in signing Benfica midfielder Ljubomir Fejsa, according to reports in Portugal.

Porutguese outlet Record claims Spurs have turned their attentions to Fesja after missing out on Sporting Lisbon midfielder Adrien Silva.

Multiple bids were reportedly made for Silva but nothing materialised in the end.

Fesja is a Serbian international and has won league titles in his home country as well as Greece and Portugal.

Record claims it will be difficult for Tottenham to sign the 28-year-old as Benfica do not want to sell.

If the video below is anything to go by, Fesja is certainly better in the air than some of his teammates.



  1. Where do you get this tripe Steve?
    Spurs were never in for Silva and are not really interested in Vejsa.
    How do you make such suppositions.?

  2. Changing subject. Re Contes remarks about ambition & status of club etc. Chelsea were nothing until Abramovich turned up. Now they have a bottomless pit of cash. Same goes for Man city. ( at least they had a bit of history.) Chelsea,s only title prior to the dosh was with the worst record of any champions before or since. 10 league defeats, in 1955. To coin Benitez. Facts. Our ambitions are just as big as theirs. Our fan base far bigger etc. It is a tragedy how we have underachieved. Just 2 titles. Waste of talent, bad management. I think it’s mind games, but he is talking out of his rear. We are also paying for stadium. It’s easy to buy big with all that dosh. We need to be astute

  3. Come on Steve – give it a rest – Pick any name and start a story! What a shit job – Ever thought of writing a book – Somthing more challenging.


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