Lionel Messi has urged Barcelona to sign Tottenham star Dele Alli instead of Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho this summer, according to reports in Spain.

Barcelona have been heavily linked with a move for Coutinho. According to Sky Sports, the La Liga giants believe Liverpool would find it hard to turn down a bid of €100 million (around £89m).

But according to Spanish outlet Don Balon, Barcelona talisman Messi believes the club should pursue Alli instead.

With Neymar reportedly closing in on a huge transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona could be in need of a new world-class forward to make up for the Brazilian’s absence.

Even if Messi hasn’t recommended Alli, there’s no reason the world’s biggest clubs won’t be monitoring the 21-year-old’s situation.

Spurs have insisted no player will be sold for non-footballing reasons this summer. In my opinion, there’s absolutely no way the club will allow Alli (or any other first-team player) to leave in the current window.

If Barcelona do sign Coutinho, hopefully it means they will stay away from the likes of Alli and Christian Eriksen next summer.



    • Hit the nail Ben..jealous, envious people all around…wonder where their academy talents are?..lazy filthy rich good for nothing people.

      • Their academy talents are doing just fine: Messi, Iniesta, Piqué, Busquets, Roberto, Alba, Deulofeu, Rafinha, Fabregas, Bartra, Bellerin, Thiago, Munir, Samper and those are the ones I can remember. How are Spurs academy players going? The filthy rich club you refer to only won its first CL in ’92, the next in ’05 and has worked 50 years with a concerted plan to play the best soccer in Europe using a blend of Masia players and top internationals. Finally they’ve achieved some measure of success and a lot of financial success and you label them lazy filthy rich. You know nothing of the proud cultural and local heritage of the club and should refrain on making uninformed comments.

        • And when was the last time Barcelona had a superstar come thro the ranks since Messi…seems to me u …not u because you are nobody, ,,i mean Barca …seems to me u just go and splash loads of many….aka Neyma 7o Million…just lik eReal Madrid….vulgar…could feed 50 villages in Africa for a year. PS Bale was one of ours…bought for 11 million…here comes another Deli >Ali…….read em and weep…..that my firend is the Ajax way…PS…dont forget to pay your tax on the next one and good luck with Paulinho…we threw him out of our club for being uselss….did he comeup through the ranks also…ha ha

          • To me, as I said below in another comment, it’s a difference of degrees. The righteousness you espouse on behalf of Spurs is misplaced. The amount of money Spurs spends on football, the players it takes from lesser clubs in the U.K. n all around Europe is equivalent. It was not so long ago Barça was not in the league of Real, Man U, Liverpool, Bayern, AC Milan, Inter, Juventus. Barça were wannabes. So they got Messi and everything changed. They may return soon to the ranks of good but not stellar clubs. Tell me definitely Spurs would not do the same as Barça if they were in a similar position because of their unswerving allegiance to London football talent!!! What is true, you would see that Barça, for all its enormity, is still a grass roots team that invests heavily in local teams, in other sports, tennis, handball, basketball, rugby league n union. They do so because they believe in sport, the good it does for the youth n on culture, specifically but not exclusively Catalan culture. Barça is “Mes que un Club”, “More than a Club” and if you knew it, you would know it. Barça is an institution that tries to grow a culture. Spurs could do much worst than follow Barça’s example.

        • yeah yeah yeah we are talking in the last 2 centuries dumbass…good luck with paulinho and your 2 cluv ludicrous league …ps we threw him out of our club…did he come through your ranks also??

  1. Yes win … that’s exactly what world football needs, all the best players and young talent being monopolized and bought up by just a few clubs in each league. Ensuring that each league is all about 2 or 3 teams that constantly win everything. While much of the talent doesn’t even get game time, but at least no other team has a chance of upsetting the hegemony of the so called elites.

    Yip that’s exactly what we all want to watch. A very few teams and their fans with a sense of entitlement that they and only they are worthy.
    My guess is that you are a fan of one of these money backed teams, and that your character (lack off ), makes it very difficult for you to acknowledge another clubs qualitites or right to strive to improve.

    • Unlike the top EPL clubs who raid the talent of all the lower leagues and lesser European comps ribbing their fans of good football and success. It’s only a difference of degrees and smacks of sour grapes. Barcelona hasn’t always been the club it is now, but has become so because of good management. So if Spurs continues to be well managed as it is suggested, it too will have great success

  2. Take him for 100M +
    Take Kane for 100M +
    Take Dembele for 100M +
    I could go on and name just about the whole of the first team, not one of whom are tottally irreplaceable
    Truth is Spurs can afford to loose nigh on 30% of the first team and still challenge for the Champions League.
    Such is the strength of the management of this club!
    All the players know this and so want to stay and be part of this monster of a squad.
    Oh, and as good as you are Mr Messi, if you’re angling for an in……..sorry but you’re a tad too old

      • Number 2 in the worlds most expensive league does,nt sound too aimless….only 2 teams in your league…..joke of a league…..empty stadiums and Getafe on Sunday…ha ah….with dog tracks around….PS we just smashed PSG 4.1…did,nt they smash 6.1 the other day…and DEli Ali and Erickson would destroy your team…so kiss my arse.

  3. Alli should move on to Barcelona in order to perfect his play and gain more experience under professional footballers…he is still young and can fit into the Barca team

  4. What makes me laugh most of all is how so many of you actually believe the total bullshit that comes out of Spain especially from Don Balon. Lionel Messi is neither the manager or more importantly, the president of Barcelona FC and has no influence on who that club buys or sells period. It was only a few short months ago the same so called news outlet (Don Balon) were insisting that Lionel Messi has instructed the club to hire his countryman Pochettino to replace the outgoing Louis Enrique as their next manager. The same newspaper went on to say that Pochettino was in Barcelona to finalise contract details and showed pictures of him in a popular restaurant with the President whom happens to also be a friend. That meeting was a total coincidence but the papers made mileage out of the accidental meeting (Pochettino and his wife were on holiday) but Don Balon continued the lie despite Pochettino insisting that he has no intention of leaving Spurs and his long connection with City rivals Espanol. We all know where that story ended, that’s right, you guessed it, in the toilet. The latest from the idiots in Spain is that the would be president Lionel Messi has again issued instructions. This time to buy Dele Alli, the hottest young English talent for years. Never mind the boys allegiance to this Spurs team and the ongoing project under Pochettino who has turned him and others in the team into superstars. There is no scrap evidence what’s so ever to suggest that Dele Alli wants to leave Spurs or even angling for a way out. But the great Messi has spoken according to Don Balon and he must be obeyed. Youve just got to laugh at these idiots masquerading as journalists ITK, living the dream and still living in the past where Spurs are concerned but it’s not just limited to the Spanish press either if you know what I mean.

  5. C’mon you lot out there. Lionel Messi makes a obvious comment to a second rate reporter and suddenly Barcelona want to buy every player in sight. All European clubs should be barred from buying England Internationals until after Brexit as they cannot confirm the fact Brits will be able to live and work in their Community. That said LEVY would be mad to sell ANY of the squad this season.
    We have Wembley as our HOME this season so any CUP FINAL this year would be just another match. IT S the Champions League and the Premiership thats important and the use of our Second Team players essential to producing TROPHIES. Pochettino and his squad of trainer/coaches must concentrate on building on playing 100 minutes of solid class performances. THEY DID atWHL last season NOW where we play next season. In doing that Sissoko and Wimmer must be told NO GO on Transfers, you must work harder the youngsters are now out performing you. LEVY is right to say Valuations are Crass. There is no way NEYMAR for instance is worth £100+ million and ALLI out performed him last year when you consider the opposition. They faced. Alli Kane Alderweireld Vertonghen and Eriksen are SPURS employeees and NOT for SALE just because ARSENAL fans know they will be beaten Again.


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