Gary Lineker has suggested Tottenham’s lack of activity in the transfer market gives them an advantage over the Premier League clubs that have brought in a number of players this summer.

The former Spurs striker was speaking at a Football Writers’ Association event in London on Wednesday.

In quotes published by MailOnline, Lineker said: “It is all very well when you supporters say ‘we have not made enough signings, we need three or four new players coming in’, but if you look at Spurs they are actually quite a strong team.

“It could perhaps upset the equilibrium a little bit by bringing in three or four faces, other teams that have, (like) Manchester City and Manchester United, they don’t know how they are going to adapt immediately.

“They have got the problem of knowing their best team, the best selection, the best system that suits those particular players.

“Tottenham, and (Arsenal manager) Arsene (Wenger) as well has not brought in too many players, and they might steal a march, get off to a good start because they are the teams which have familiarity amongst themselves and they know what is the best way of playing, so it is not necessarily an advantage to bring in loads of players every summer.”

He makes a good point: no new players means there isn’t anyone who needs time to settle in.

But as Kieran Trippier’s ankle problem has demonstrated, signings are needed or the squad will continue to look thin.




  1. The press have tried destroying Spurs this summer. Gary Linekar, Harry Redknapp both say this Spurs team is settled and better off not just buying for sake of buying.
    The starting 11 are so strong that buying players to challenge is nearly impossible . A £70m player will not sit on the bench.
    Levy gets mullered not buying. But who can he? It csn only be younger players with potential.
    Add one Welsh player to the starting 11 (sorry Eriksen) and we become League winners.

  2. let Rose sit on his thumbs for the rest of his contract then he can go home to his mummy it was Poch who made him a player before that he was very average plus we done very well without him last season C.O.Y.S

  3. If we look at all the best teams in football Barcelona real Madrid. And i hate to write this man u . They maybe buy one player so the team rhythm is the same nothing changes .This is what spurs are trying to do . Mr Rose needs to live in the real world and get a decent accountant who will make sure he can live on this 100k pension a year when he retires at 35 . Or shut up and go play some where else .

  4. Very tricky. Add a big name on huge money & u need to up existing players wages. Hope Winksy makes grade this year. Lamela too. Bring on Edwards, 4 comps after all. Must be more Deles out there. How many players from rivals would u want?


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