Tottenham are hopeful of signing PSG defender Serge Aurier, according to The London Evening Standard.

Yesterday we relayed reports from France suggesting Aurier’s move depended on the verdict of an appeal concerning a prison sentence for violence against a French police officer.

The Standard claims the result of that appeal is still unknown, but Spurs are “hopeful of reaching an agreement” to sign the 24-year-old right-back.

The report suggests the Ivory Coast international will sign a five-year deal and will cost Tottenham £23 million.

Throughout his career, Aurier’s behaviour has been contentious at best, leading many fans to question why the club is pursuing him at all.



  1. It would be crazy to recruit such a disruptive player to Spurs. Aurier has a history of issues and causing offence and disharmony.

    Have Spurs not learnt their lesson from Adebayor and now Danny Rose.

    This will only become a long term nightmare.

  2. The more I think about this Aurier deal, the more I think it’s a big F U to those wanting a right back to replace Walker. I mean really, out of all the possible right back options available, Pereira and Cancelo looked the clear best, with Heinrichs not far behind.
    Out of all of them we are to believe we are going for the only one that we probably wont get into the country. A known troublemaker (because Poch loves working with those) and a history of manager criticism, foul temper, homophobia and assault.
    I’m guessing the main reason we’re pushing for him is because we know we wont get him and late next week, we’ll find out we cant get him and there will be the whole “Oh well we did try for Aurier but as always things went belly up at the last minute”.

    If we do get him then fair play but Ive a slight feeling Ive seen this type of thing before, like every year.

  3. Who actually knows the full story of this guys off-field behaviour other than what is reported by the press? We all know how each and every story reported by the cretins in the press is stretched beyond the limits of elastic. It would be interesting to know how many times he’s been sent off for an on-field misdemeanour than his scrape with the French authorities. I’ve seen this guy play, he’s brilliant, a real bargain and if Pochettino believes that Serge Aurier can bring something extra to the playing side of our club which will make us stronger, then I’m all for that and don’t give a flying f..k what some random masquerading as a journalist or pundit with ulterior motives thinks. That also applies to my fellow fans.


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