Tottenham conceded a late equaliser against Burnley to end their chances of a first Premier League win at Wembley.

After a stagnant first half, Dele Alli opened the scoring for Spurs just moments into the second half, converting from close range after Eric Dier’s flick-on from Christian Eriksen’s corner.

The hosts looked settle for a while, but Burnley began to put the pressure on to the end and Tottenham seemed to crumble.

In stoppage time, Chris Wood found room in between Toby Alderweireld and Kieran Trippier to grab an equaliser for the visitors at the death.

Here’s how Twitter reacted.



  1. When you are one nil up with five minutes to go you don’t have your full backs up in your opponent’s half. Trippier was repeatedly caught up field in those final few minutes. Surely it was the manager’s job to tell him to get back and defend. This was absolute nonsense. This team needs to wake up fast, already 5 points off the pace.

  2. Without pace and a dribbler to split teams Tottenham is gonna be in trouble playing at Wembley this season.

  3. Not Wembley at fault
    Too many prima donna players
    Get rid of those who want away and are chasing more money,geedy buggers
    They think they are bigger than the club
    As for the transfer fees of Neymar,Mbappe and Dembele
    The game is going to hell
    Burnley showed what a bunch of triers can do
    There is a distinct lack of application and players should be fined or pay witheld when they perform like they did yesterday
    Step in Daniel because you understand sustainability and economics
    Eriksen must also wake up as he isnt performing like he should
    Burnley were making our central defence look suspect especially in the last part of the game
    I thought Vertongen did well but Toby looked sometimes like he had Chelsea move in his head
    AS for Trippier and Son,better left unsaid


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