Chelsea have made a £25 million bid for Everton midfielder Ross Barkley, according to The Telegraph.

Tottenham have been linked with a move for Barkley all summer, and have apparently been waiting until late in the window so that they can sign him for less than Everton’s original £50m valuation.

But following Barkley’s hamstring injury that could see him sidelined for three months, reports claim Spurs are considering delaying a move for the midfielder.

As a result, Chelsea could take advantage of Tottenham’s hesitance. Matt Law of the Telegraph is now reporting Chelsea have made an offer of £25m.

Last month, Ronald Koeman claimed Barkley is almost certain to leave Goodison Park by the close of the summer transfer window. The 23-year-old has just 11 months left on his Everton contract.

Not long after those claims, Koeman backtracked a little, suggesting the midfielder could still play a part for the Toffees this season.

If Spurs truly want Barkley, they would be wise to act now before Chelsea can offer superior personal terms.



  1. If Chelsea truly did make a 25 M offer- Koeman better grab it with both hands. An injury prone player with excessive wage demands and who will not be able to play until Christmas is far too great a risk to take for that kind of money. Questionable value as a free. Barkley is not a “must have” – He is a “possibly developable”.- a gamble at any price.

  2. According to Koeman there are no bids for Barkley at this time.
    Who is more believable, the journo whose on a nodding acquantance with the truth, or a manager who recently said Barkley could still do a job at Everton.

  3. Chelsea try a 30 million bid like Tottenham did to buy sisokko from Newcastle. I’m a Tottenham hotspur fan.

    Tottenham is trying to make someone buy Barkley. why this Chelsea and manchester not buying him. haha..

    in my words Tottenham won’t buy Barkley this summer. Tottenham will only sign him for free transfers in next summer on July without wasting single penny.. if Chelsea are buying him for 30 million.

    and if he becomes like sisokko buy then conte is the brilliant manager. 😛

  4. From what I have seen of him when he played against us, he appears to do not have that on pitch insight and basic leadership that players like Santi, Ozil and Ramsey have. He is somewhat similar to Chamberlain in such manner, not a player who you can be your midfield general. Has the physical potential and fair specialized capacity, yet does not have the knowledge to take his amusement to the following level.

  5. Chelsea need way more signing to compete in champions league and the prem they only got replacements so far and last year they won cause most weeks they were playing once a week and others two times soo they need a big squad to compete also selling letting go of zouma and ake was a huge mistake cause they need loads of centre backs to play 3-4-3 and play twice a week there team will be fucked also if Pedro get re Injured and hazard does too they have only 3 attackers so if something happens to any of them well no 3-4-3 they’ll have too play 44-2 or 4-5-2 they probably don’t have enough midfielders to play that so this transfer is crucial cause Barkley is cam so he can play In midfield of worse comes to worse in the fowards


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