Former Tottenham director of football administration Darren Eales has revealed details of Daniel Levy’s role in the £85 million sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid in 2013.

The Mirror has exclusively published an “inside story” piece on the transfer. The article features an interview in which Eales praises Levy’s persistence to collect a then-world record sum for Bale.

“You won’t be surprised but with Daniel Levy involved it was a very complicated deal,” said Eales. “He was pushing for every penny.”

He added: “I remember a couple of times when it looked like the deal was going to be dead and then we’d resurrect it in the morning.

“But it was one of the most complicated deals, certainly what I’ve ever been involved in, right down to which currency would be used in the contract.

“It ended being a negotiation on every single point you could think of. It finally got done on transfer Deadline Day… that was when my hair started to go when I was doing that deal.

“The great thing about Daniel is that everything is done for the best of Tottenham. He drives that hard bargain because he wants the best for Spurs.

“To steward the club as he has done now with the new stadium coming and the team in the Champions League, I think it shows his incredible fortitude and foresight.

“Whether it’s against the likes of Chelsea or Manchester City, he has managed to punch above his weight throughout that time period. So, great credit to him.”

Of course, the money was spent rather poorly in the end. Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela are the only survivors of the “Magnificent Seven” signed with the Bale money.

Many see Levy as the best chairman possible for Tottenham, while others believe he is more interested in the financial side of things than footballing matters.

Regardless, it seems Levy will almost always get a good fee for players who want out.



  1. Is there any football club senior official responsible for signings and transfers, who doesn’t pay attention to detail? Is there any such football ‘agent’ who is sloppy where such detail is concerned? I keep reading stories like this one about Daniel Levy, on an implicit theme which I find questionable and rather distasteful, but can recall next to nothing I’ve seen written along such lines about any other football club chairman. It’s also one-note and predictable writing about Levy, the kind of writing that involves more use of rhetorical questions than would be the case if something original and factual was being reported.

    • Chelsea tried to hijack the Aurier deal on deadline day, only to find that they were legally locked out of any negotiations because Levy had insisted on an exclusivity clause being signed by PSG. Thus ensuring a timber and, by most accounts, better left back than the one we sold and making around £30m on top. That is factual, original, and pretty bloody impressive. Also factual is that every player who has insisted on leaving Spurs has gone (for the time) at a vastly inflated sum. Also we have been in the CL the past two seasons, with one of the best squads in the league, with one of the lowest net spends in the league. Things like this are often written about Levy as he is one of if not the most competent club custodians in world football. Doubtless you can name a couple of mistakes he’s made, but they pale into insignificance when compared to his overall exceptional handling of club affairs.

    • Not sure what PeeLee is referring to regarding an “implicit theme” (not some perceived anti-Semitism I sincerely hope), but I agree with the article generally. Daniel Levy turned the club round from the Sugar years of mediocrity, when previous rivals like United and the Woolwich left us way behind. If Chelsea and City had not been gifted unearned, unlimited funds to raise themselves from their habitual mediocre, debt-ridden status, Spurs would have achieved even more, all while competing fairly (and now building the best stadium in the League).

      We didn’t want Bale to go -after losing Modric and others – so I’m pleased he made the negotiation as hard as it could possibly be. I think he was badly advised by supposed experts in spending the Bale money, but again, he has ensured we get the best return on those who haven’t worked out, so it wasn’t entirely wasted.

      I am delighted we have a chairman who fights so tirelessly for our club.

  2. “Is there any football club senior official responsible for signings and transfers who doesn’t pay attention to detail?”
    How long have you got?
    The way some clubs spray money around – on agent’s fees for example- is nothing short of scandalous.

  3. Can’t stand the cunt but he stands by the way he does things and everything he does it best for future spurs not just a quick fix but we do need to spend big on a top winger who can play either side or behind Kane or llorente when needed a lamer or bale even gray Marhaz would do


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