Real Madrid are considering a €200 million (£177m) bid for Harry Kane, according to Spanish newspaper Don Balon.

The European champions are apparently eyeing a long-term replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, and Kane fits the bill.

Don Balon believes Real Madrid president Florentino Perez’s priority target is Kane.

The Tottenham striker scored 13 goals in all competitions for club and country in September – why wouldn’t Madrid want him?

There is good news for Spurs fans, however. A number of journalists have suggested the club would not even enter discussions about selling Kane. It seems the 24-year-old is unequivocally “not for sale.”



  1. You don’t sell the heart and soul of the club immediately before going into a new stadium which you hope is going to be the catalyst for a generation of success. Come on pundits – use your brain , just for one second in your life!

  2. Don Balon speaks for the Real Madrid fans not the club itself. They will continue with the Kane to Madrid story throughout the season and long into next Summer assisted by the usual suspects, Daily Star, Sun, Mirror and Mail. The pundits will also have their say on the subject as will The former used car salesman Simon Jordan. They will use the fact that In the past, Spurs have sold a few of their most prominent stars however, Kane is neither Welsh, Croatian, Bulgarian or Northern but a home grown dyed in the wool Spurs fan who’s adored by the club and its fans. None of the above had that specific bond with the club. It is also fair to say that Levy, Pochettino and the Spurs board know this very well. Kane himself has said on numerous occasions that he wants to stay at Spurs for life and Pochettino has stayed that the club will only sell players they want to sell and will not be bullied by anyone. You can also guarantee that should Dele Alli find his form again, the pair will undoubtedly be linked as a mega money package to the state owned Madrid club by the media. Guaranteed to provoke. God help us if this current crop of players don’t actually win a major trophy this season. Each and everyone of them will be sold off in the low class no class sports pages and associated blogs.

  3. Maybe in four or five years if the club hasn’t won anything, doesn’t look like doing so, and is going backwards.

    Considering this is the youngest team in the division, improving and gaining experience all the time, playing for a great young manager who is constantly learning, with a great youth set-up, state-of-the-art training facilities and, soon, the best and second biggest club stadium in the country that will have a major positive impact on club revenues, I really can’t see any of these things being the case. So, no, don’t think he will leave.


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