Mauricio Pochettino speaks out on Danny Rose and Manchester United speculation

Mauricio Pochettino speaks out on Danny Rose and Manchester United speculation



Earlier today we relayed a report that suggested Danny Rose’s omission from Tottenham’s official 2018 calendar could mean he doesn’t have a future at the club.

The defender gave a contentious interview in August in which he appeared to criticise the club’s transfer and wage policies.

Ever since, there has been plenty of speculation about Rose’s future at Spurs, with Manchester United apparently waiting in the wings to sign him.

But in his press conference ahead of Tottenham’s clash with Bournemouth this weekend, Mauricio Pochettino laughed off a question about the calendar story.

The Argentine said: “He came to see me and said ‘Gaffer, why aren’t I on the calendar?’ I said you were in Central Park. It’s not a big issue.” (Quotes via The Independent.)

Of course, there is still reason to believe Rose will leave next summer. But it has nothing to do with a calendar.


  1. Daniel Levy is always acting like he loves Tottenham Hotspurs, and then sells our greatest assets. Is he deceiving the loyal fans and only concerned about making money for himself???
    Its about time he put his loyalty where his mouth is. Don’t sell Harry Kane then maybe Mauricio can achieve brilliance for our Spurs.

  2. Harry Redknapp built a great team with Gareth Bale and we turned the corner. Then Real Madrid said give us Gareth Bale and pocketing a lot of money Daniel Levy gave in.
    Is he about to do the same with our Harry Kane???
    Daniel Levy, let our Mauricio make Spurs even greater and stop pulling the rug from under him.
    Mauricio Potteccini is the best manager in world club football, now let him prove it. The media say he has not won any silverware. Let him prove he’s the greatest.

  3. daniel levy has been quality for spurs?? one of the best training grounds in the prem not sure if you have noticed the giant new stadium going up?? he has done amazing considering we are mixing with the big boys on quarter of the budget?? harry kane aint going no where for now BUT yes need to start winning or who could blame him for wanting to leave


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