Hugo Lloris has revealed his decision to leave Lyon for Tottenham in 2012 was “an emotional moment”.

The Spurs captain was speaking to Spanish journalist Guillem Balague, the author of a new book about Mauricio Pochettino.

Balague asked Lloris if Pochettino had given him a new impetus, to which the Frenchman replied: “Yes, definitely.”

He added: “I had a great time at Lyon, I arrived there at 21 and immediately went into the national team and found out what it was like to play at the highest level. In that moment, they were a big European club, even bigger than now, with ambitions of winning the Champions League.

“Later, that changed a little but with the new stadium and they couldn’t compete economically with the other clubs and the way the club worked changed too. They gave more opportunities to the younger players and I left.

“If I was going to improve, I needed something new and then Tottenham appeared. It was an emotional moment. But after two years, I saw that it was not the club that I expected, the structure, the way we worked wasn’t working properly.

“My meeting with Mauricio Pochettino was fantastic because it was exactly what I needed at the right time in my career. We built a solid relationship with a lot of confidence and I believe that this motivation is connected.

“Tottenham is a great club, but we want to make it even make bigger. To be competitive in England and Europe takes time, but little by little we are building a very strong side.”

The full interview is well worth your time – you can read it here.



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