A late Harry Kane goal wasn’t enough as Tottenham fell to a 2-1 defeat at Leicester City in the Premier League.

Jamie Vardy put the hosts ahead early on with a well taken volley before a stunning Riyad Mahrez goal doubled the Foxes’ advantage just before half-time.

Erik Lamela’s introduction with 15 minutes to go was the catalyst for a late Spurs improvement. His through ball set up Kane, who lashed home to give the visitors hope.

But it wasn’t enough in the end. On Twitter, most Tottenham fans voiced their discontent following the game, while others saw some positives in the performance. Here are the best of the reactions.



  1. We have to stop playing Sissoko, he hasn’t got a clue, absolute waste of money, he can’t even pass the ball. As for Aurier, we have to play Trippier on the right, we had no service what so ever from him, he created nothing. Dier has to be kept away from defence, if Pochettino insists on playing three at the back, I’d play Davies along side Vertonghen and Sanchez. The one thing we could probably take as a positive is that when Lamela came on I thought we looked a lot better, Lamela being there would give the likes of Eriksen and Alli more space. One last observation was the speed we played at, we are playing the game way too slow, when Leicester got the ball their passing was one touch and quick, exactly the way we should be playing. Not too confident of going to Watford at the weekend, the team needs to take a long hard look at themselves and start putting in a shift. Levy needs to get Alderweirelds contract sorted we miss him badly. COYS !!

  2. Its time to give up on sissoko. I dont think ive ever seen a worse footballer in my life.
    I have no idea what he brings to the team.
    He has a terrible first second and third touch a passing range of three feet at a push. Not even sure spurs should be trying to recoup any money on him.
    Ive seriously had enough of watching him
    The team plays with ten men when he starts play breaks down around him.
    The worst signing spurs have ever made and poch plays him at every turn WHY!??

  3. Why nobody is slamming Eriksen (beside the referee) is beyond me! We excelled in Europe while slumped domestically mainly due to Eufa referees has no agenda against us. Unless Rose is playing for Arse, he will get no penalty. Last contribution from Ericksen was when he forced a superb safe from Peter Chec near the post, and yet a goal kick was awarded instead of a corner! Since then he offered nothing but occupied a place that should go to other worthy players.

  4. What does MP sees in Sissoko that we cant see ! An absoulte donkey who plays back passes then dribble or score…even with an open goal ! I bet we wouldnt score ! He lost in defense and around like a clown in offensive ! Strange desire from Dier , watch first goal he was in no men’s land ! I dont see a panic but more 1 to 2 touch game will help more the ball faster , our midfield is the key both Rose,Davies and Aurier needs to go back to basic !!! Depressed with the we way we played , let alone the defeat ….WE NEED DESIRABLE RESPONSE not antics …

  5. STOP playing Sissoko, he is useless. And Erikson and Deli must be dropped and forced to compete to get their places back. Both are far too comfortable and have been terrible for weeks now. Don’t understand Poch’s line-up any more.

  6. Come on Guys – don’t single out Sissoko – the B lot were awful. What about Dele? He is at total loss. Teams have mastered Kane – he cannot move or turn freely. Eriksen woke uo in 2nd half and then flopped. We can only pass and keep possession when we pass backwards – otherwise total inaccuracy! So slow that by the time we move forward the opposition have our players well covered! Lorrente not Sissoko is total waste! Oh how good Defoe would have been and FOC !! The captain is always frozen! Against WBA the ball tricked past him and yesterday totally incorrect positioning. Corners – the opposition always is a threat and we are just jokers! Even throw ins we take such long time tro think who to pass and often get it wrong. We have no power shooters except for Kane (sometines) and we shoot miles away. In short all the BASICS are wrong? What training do they do???? Mark my words – season over – zero trophies – will NOT finish in top 6 . 2st exit in KO of CL. MP should get up from the seat and and be like PEP for whom every game is last game to win the title. PASSION DESIRE LOVE RESPONSIBILITY all missing from every player. Only credit to young Sanchez.
    Blast me if you want – the trutrh is evident and here. We are the same old SPURS with the neighbours laughing.

    • Totally, Sissoko is being made a scapegoat. Alli was infinitely worse, kept dithering around and giving the ball away in good positions.
      Thought Kane was great though, worked his arse off and then when someone finally did their job and fed him with a decent ball he didnt miss.

  7. These lads that want to go elsewhere stop playing them and play lads that want to be at the club. Alli rose and Ericsson have been reading to much press and are obvious want aways, we are playing 8 men.

  8. Sissoko has a desire to run and press his finishing is awful though.

    Alli – starting to think he’s better than he is

    Eriksen has been so poor hasn’t got the ability to go past a player so just passes across the line.

    Aurier reminds me of BAE, reckless decisions but a good crosser.

    Dier is exactly that, not good enough in defence. He’s our weak link.
    How an earth did he get an England captaincy? ?

    Massively miss Toby, Wanyama and Lamela.
    I’d play Foyth at the back with Sanches and Jan.
    Rose and Trippier wide.
    Lamela Dier in the middle
    Son Kane and Alli upfront

  9. Why has Dembele escaped any flak? How many goals has he scored in his entire time at Spurs? How many assists? All that talent & strength & does nothing with it!! Never runs at opposition.

  10. Paul
    I completely agree , there’s a reason he doesn’t start for Belgium. Sort of player you need when your 2/3 up and want to protect a lead. So slow in his distribution and that dictates our game.

    Barkley(when fully proven fit)

    All would be good additions under Poch.


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