In his press conference on Wednesday, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino explained that Christian Eriksen’s recent dip in form could be down to “mental tiredness.”

Eriksen’s performances have suffered ever since he scored a brilliant hat-trick for Denmark to send his country to the World Cup in early November.

As pointed out by Spurs journalist Dan Kilpatrick on Twitter, the Dane’s physical stats have been as good as ever in recent games.

But it’s worth noting that only Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has played more Premier League minutes than Eriksen since the 2014/15 season.

There’s a good chance that a lack of rest could be responsible for the midfielder’s poor form. Or is that explanation too simple? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Is Ericksen menatlly fatigued or is there another reason for his poor displays. The miss against Leicester was unbelievable. The way Ericksen positioned his body was as if to miss the goal. Is Ericksen fed up with Spurs because of financial reasons?

  2. i can see huge problems this season wages injurys if no silverware i can see a few walking so sad levy has to either stump up money or sell the club big decisions hope we keep kane and deli sorry for the gloom but these are facts pooch knows it come on you spurs

  3. Let’s not write the team off yet. Bad luck and injuries are as much to blame as anything. Get behind the team and we can get a top four finish. We can’t compete with the top four clubs spending but finished ahead of some them every year. We’re flying in the ECL so let’s not hit the panic button on a few results…

  4. Didn’t arsenal go through thus when they were going into a new stadium?
    I’ve watched the two worst games I’ve ever seen, since going to spurs, the Swansea game and the WBA game, bored out if my skull.
    We need a bigger squad that’s a fact, if we did have a bigger squad DA and CE would be benched as they don’t look interested at all, and if either are trying to put themselves in the shop window, they certainly not doing themselves any favours.


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