newsnow_abanimatedMauricio Pochettino has admitted Tottenham’s star players may be tempted to leave the club to achieve quick success elsewhere.

Kyle Walker left for Manchester City in the summer, and Pochettino has suggested the right-back wasn’t invested in Spurs’ long-term plan.

When a journalist brought up the possibility of other players feeling that way, the Tottenham manager agreed.

“Maybe some players are not agreed in this plan and this strategy, and of course they are right to complain, to talk and in the end to want to move or have another challenge for different reasons, because we are all different and we all have different challenges, motivations, roles in our life,” said Pochettino. (Quotes via ESPN.)

“That is normal. The most important thing is to talk, to design the plan for everyone and then be happy because life is about enjoying and being happy. It’s not about wasting time in a bad way, because life is so short.

“It’s human nature that the players always want to improve, and have different challenges and ideas. But I am not worried, because in the end it’s always three parts in all the situations in football — the players, the club that owns the players, and if another club want some players, and in the end it’s to be agreed on different things and try to make everyone happy with the decision. We’re not worried.”



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