Ryan Mason has lavished praise on Tottenham’s coaching staff.

The former Spurs midfielder talked to ESPN for a story about Mauricio Pochettino’s assistant, Jesus Perez.

Mason revealed Pochettino and Perez, along with first team coach Miguel D’Agostino and goalkeeping coach Toni Jimenez, had a big influence on his career.

“As a unit, the four of them are very tight,” he said. “They’ve all got the same beliefs on football but also on how to go about your life.”

“They’re all on the same page. They do everything together. I think the four of them are best mates.”

“I still hear Jesus’ voice now. When I’m training or playing and my body is telling me, ‘You’re knackered’, I still hear his voice saying, ‘You’re a strong boy, Mase!’ That stuck. It’s always there. He’s amazing at his job, he really is.

“Everything was positive. There was never anything negative. Your brain gets used to hearing this positivity all the time.”

The entire story is worth your time – you can read it here.



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