Mauricio Pochettino says Tottenham must be sure a potential signing would change the team for the better before investing this month.

The Argentine was asked about the chances of new arrivals during a press conference on Thursday.

“There’s a lot of rumours and different names. Last week it was a different name, now it’s another name,” he said. (Quotes via Ham&High.)

“Always it’s difficult, this transfer window, because it’s only three and a half months of the competition [left] – February, March, April and 15 or 20 days in May. It’s so difficult to add players now – quality players that can help us to win games and achieve all that we want.

“If you want players that arrive to the Premier League or to change the team here in the Premier League, you need to know and be sure if you’re going to invest big money.

“If not, it’s a massive pressure for the player, for the club too because all the players need time to adapt themselves in a new league, or when you change club and play in a different philosophy.

“Sometimes you believe it’s going to help and sometimes it’s going to create a problem. That’s why it’s so difficult, the transfer window now.”

However, the Spurs boss later added: “Always we are open and I’m so open to add some players like you say now.”



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