Mauricio Pochettino says he doesn’t understand why Arsene Wenger speaks about teams other than his own.

After Arsenal’s EFL Cup semi-final victory over Chelsea, Wenger criticised the media for “celebrating some teams who have not been in a final for 25 years” – it is believed he was referring to Tottenham.

Pochettino was asked about Wenger’s words in a press conference on Thursday.

“I’m so young and only five years in the Premier League, in two clubs Southampton and Tottenham, but there’s no point to talk about another team,” the Spurs boss said. (Quotes via the Independent.)

“Praise? Of course we receive praise. Football is not only to win trophies, it’s the circumstances of different clubs.

“For me he is and will always be one of the best managers in the world, I respect him, but I think he needs to talk for himself and for Arsenal.

“For me he is a special manager, but everyone sometimes makes a mistake and for me he made a mistake to talk about us or a different team.”

As usual, Pochettino avoided a war of words and gave a sensible response to the situation, which is always a good thing to do.



  1. ‘…it is believed he was referring to Tottenham.’
    Perceived indignity! A crime! A crime I say!
    (But certainly less criminal than not winning anything in some fan’s lifetimes?)

    How about?
    If you don’t win anything again this year?
    We’ll just give you one of our old FA Cups. Deal?



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