Tottenham are considering the sale of Toby Alderweireld this summer following another breakdown in contract talks, according to the Times.

Negotiations over a new deal have been dragging on for some time, with Alderweireld apparently keen to earn similar wages to the Premier League’s best centre-backs.

The defender is believed to currently earn around £50,000-a-week – Harry Kane is the club’s top earner on £110,000-a-week.

The Times claims Spurs have offered Alderweireld £110,000-a-week plus bonuses, but the Belgian wants a basic weekly salary of £150,000.

Tottenham are apparently unwilling to meet those demands, and as a result Alderweireld could be sold at the end of the season.

Mauricio Pochettino is thought to have backed the club’s decision and would be happy to spend the money on new recruits.

For me, selling Alderweireld would be a mistake. He has had injury and form issues this season, but Spurs are a better side defensively when he is fit and in the line-up.

The club is in a difficult position. Agreeing to Alderweireld’s contract demands could affect the happiness of his teammates given their comparatively low wages.

Then again, selling the Belgian may also affect the squad’s mentality – letting key players go decreases the chances of silverware.

Tottenham must avoid selling Alderweireld to a Premier League rival. If the 28-year-old is definitely going to be sold, let’s hope there is interest from abroad.




  1. If spurs decide to play hard ball they know there is a world cup this year so let his agents be aware of who is holding the aces. Recent results shows though we would miss him, it would not be the end of the world.

  2. I am afraid no player is bigger than the club. We gave a limit as to what we can afford to pay and if we were to agree to £150k for him then there would be a number of other players expecting the same. For those who say just pay can you suggest where the money is going to come from and how you would be able to pay for the new statism and still buy new players?
    I know we all want to best of everything but the reality is we can only afford what we can afford and fans have to get real.

  3. Firstly, it’s a report from the Times which comes up with insinuations and suggestions to generate interest. Since when has the hierarchy at THFC ever given information consisting of figures in contract negotiations with their players? Secondly, whilst Alderweireld was brilliant for Spurs last season, we haven’t exactly missed him whilst he’s been out through his injury this term. The player is approaching his 29th birthday and I can understand him asking for more money but do any of us know how much more he’s asking for or just simply taking the word of a sports journalist?
    Up until today, it was Spurs unwillingness to write into his contract a £25M buyout clause which was supposedly the big drawback. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if another story emerges within the next couple of weeks stating that Alderweireld is pushing for a move away from the club which expires in 2020. Alderweireld is a very good player who’s performed well for the club but remember, he left Ajax for Athletico Madrid who ultimately didn’t rate him and sold him on to Southampton. It was Spurs where he made a bigger name for himself. Why didn’t other clubs come in for him when he was at Southampton? Also a point of interest, he plays at right back for Belgium, not centre back. We have the players to fill the void should he leave.
    Last but by no means least, the same bullshit was written that Kyle Walker’s move to Manchester City would cause disquiet and disharmony with the players. The urchins masquerading as journalists banged on and on about it for weeks but did it change a thing, did the players go into their shells? Did they he’ll. if Alderweireld was to leave for pastures new it would be a loss but I’d thank him for his services and wish him all the best. Remember that no player is bigger than the club despite what the barnacles in the press may write. Only the gullible will believe them.

  4. The problem with this wage structure is top players ain’t going to hang around with us when they can double or treble d amount of wages @ d top clubs.Toby would be as highly rated central defender in Europe as there is and selling him only confirms to me and the elite clubs spurs are selling club.Toby this summer Alli ,Kane,Eriksen (Walker) last season all not advocating to throw money out on wages Willy nilly but you have keep your top players if that means stumping up d money well so be it.Toby,Vertonghen,Eriksen,Kane, are worth every penny they can get.


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