Mauricio Pochettino has held his press conference ahead of Tottenham’s trip to Bournemouth in the Premier League on Sunday.

A number of topics were on the agenda. Here are three things we learned form the press conference.

Eric Dier could miss the Bournemouth game

Dier went down midway through the first half against Juventus, after which his elbow was heavily strapped up. He will be assessed before the journey to the south coast, but there is a good chance Victor Wanyama will have to deputise on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Toby Alderweireld has returned to the “early stages” of his reintegration into first team training. There is no indication as to when exactly he will ready to play again – your guess is as good as mine, reader.

Pochettino thinks Spurs can learn from Juventus

The Spurs boss spent majority of the press conference talking about Wednesday’s Champions League last-16 defeat to Juventus.

He insisted Tottenham can learn a lot from the Italian giants about being successful on and off the pitch.

“It’s a situation that you must learn from,” he said (via ESPN). “If we only see the stats form the two games, Tottenham was the much better team. Then in football it’s not only about performance, stats, shots on targets, possession.

“It’s small details. Juve are specialists, they have the habit to win, the habit to pressure on the referee. The owner stayed in tunnel before and during the game. It’s a club with a culture to do everything to help team.

“It’s a massive opportunity to learn not only on the pitch but [also] outside. It’s two games against this type of club – one on the pitch, one outside the pitch.”

I think there was a bit of a sly dig at Juventus hidden in Pochettino’s complimentary words, but who am I to judge?

Tottenham must be patient in their quest for trophies

Pochettino reiterated that time is needed for Spurs to build a platform from which to win silverware.

He also insisted the club will be in a “very good position to compete” at the top level in the next few years, and that the team showed their progress with their improvement in the Champions League this season compared to last.

Some fans expect instant success, but Pochettino is right – patience is a big requirement at a club like Tottenham.



  1. ‘Some fans expect instant success’? No trophy for ten years. Two league cups in more than a quarter of a century. Talk about instant success when we’re four years into the Pochettino ‘Project’ and losing to Chelsea in the 2015 League Cup final is the closest we’ve been to a trophy? It’s a disgrace for a club with Tottenham’s history and support, and the fans and bloggers who whine about ‘pot-hunters’ and plead endlessly for patience make it easier for ENIC to get away with an endless diet of jam tomorrow – if you expect nothing, and ask for nothing, nothing is what you get!

      • Sorry Mike,although your point about entitlement is correct,I just find it difficult to believe that ENIC have football achievement closer to their heart than “potential profit” our chairman is personally now taking charge of naming rights for their new toy, shame he did not pursue a plan B quality striker with such vigour as it could have resulted in a different outcome on Wednesday,But the phrase a project in progress has been cited over the last 4 or 5 years so us mugs just have to accept the reality that were only in it for the money,the glory days are long gone when actually winning something counted

  2. Still think we need to give more time to Walker-Peters and Winks would like to see Dembele rested as well so Winks and Wanyama can start.Lucas Lamela and Sissoko all to start for me as well. First choice squad needed for rest of FA Cup games


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