David Bentley has revealed pouring water over the head of former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp effectively ended his Spurs career.

The incident occured in 2010 after Tottenham had beaten Manchester City 1-0 at the Etihad Stadium to seal a place in the Champions League.

Peter Crouch’s winner provoked memorable celebrations in the stands, and the Spurs players mirrored the joy of the supporters with a celebration of their own.

Redknapp was being interviewed live on Sky Sports in the tunnel after the game.

Little did he know his players – led by renowned prankster Bentley – were about to pour a barrel of water over his head.

It was a genuinely funny moment at the time, but Bentley claims the incident all but ended his Tottenham career.

“The lads tried to get the chairman in the changing room and someone said ‘get the manager’ and it turned out he was being interviewed, so I went and did it,” Bentley told the Telegraph.

“It was just a celebration, I wasn’t trying to make him look silly. He wasn’t happy because he was trying to change his image and I went and chucked water on him. He wanted to be like Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I played loads that year and there was no problem between us, but then that was the end for me.”

Despite his obvious talent, things didn’t work out for Bentley at Spurs. He eventually retired in 2014, saying he no longer had any passion for football.

It’s a shame Bentley didn’t become the star many people expected him to, but Tottenham fans will always have that volley against Arsenal and, of course, the Redknapp soaking to remember him by.




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