It seems increasingly likely that Tottenham will sell their central defender Toby Alderweireld in the summer.

Spurs have offered the Belgian international a new contract, but Alderweireld has so far refused to commit himself to the club, knowing that he can earn far more elsewhere, with some of Europe’s biggest clubs being interested in signing the centre-back.

Alderweireld has a year left on his contract, with the club having the option to extend that by a year to 2020. However, the contract states that should Tottenham choose to extend the deal, Alderweireld would be available for a £25m release clause in the summer of 2019.

So if Spurs are to sell the player, it really must be this summer if they are to recoup any sort of fee that reflects his value to them. They must now decide whether they should do that, or accept the player’s demands.

There are arguments to be made for either cause of action. On one hand Alderweireld has proved himself to be one of the finest central defenders in the Premier League. In the short-term his absence would weaken Tottenham, who are likely to replace him with a young player with promise, rather than a similarly established star.

Having lost Kyle Walker last summer and with Danny Rose also unsettled, Tottenham are taking a gamble in breaking up what was the best defensive unit in the Premier League. What’s more, Alderweireld had a very strong understanding with his fellow central defender Jan Vertonghen, formed during their time together at Ajax.

There is also the matter of what the Spurs fans would make of a key player being sold in the same summer as they move into a new stadium. With ticket prices having been significantly increased, fans would be entitled to expect that the extra money generated might allow the club to break their tight wage structure.

Yet there are also counter arguments to giving Alderweireld the contract he wants. He’s now 29-years old and in the last two seasons has missed 38 games through injury. Tottenham will have to eventually pay big wages if they are to retain their best players, but those salaries might be more wisely invested in younger players whose fitness is more reliable. These are the type of tough decisions that the club must get right as they want to seriously start competing for the Premier League title and European honours, at a time when a new stadium is being built and finances are tight.

Then there is the fact that Mauricio Pochettino’s team has coped pretty well without Alderweireld this season. He’s only made 17 appearances and in his absence Davison Sanchez has shone. The 21-year old Colombian is still guilty of making the odd mistake, but for a player so young he’s done very well in his first season in the Premier League.

With Eric Dier also able to play in central defence, Spurs are in a position of strength when it comes to selling Alderweireld and bringing in a replacement. They already have three players that they trust to play at centre-back, giving any new signing time to adapt.

Had Alderweireld remained fit over the past couple of seasons, then perhaps he would be the one a holding the cards when it came to renegotiating a new contract. Instead, the club has been given the opportunity to see what life would be like without him and it’s not proved to be as bad as once feared.

To hand Alderweireld a long, lucrative contract at a time when his fitness appears to be declining, would be a big risk and we all know that Daniel Levy doesn’t like taking those. A summer transfer for Alderweireld is surely on the cards, especially as that would give the club the opportunity to ensure that he’s sold to a non-Premier League club such as Barcelona, PSG or Real Madrid.

So what’s your verdict? Is now the right time to cash in on an ageing player whose fitness and desire to play for the club are debatable? Or should Tottenham do what it takes to keep hold of a player who at his best is world class? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Don’t blame Levy, they have offered to double his salary and it’s still not enough, it’s Toby that wants out. As far as I’m concerned he can sh*t off. No player is bigger than the Club, we’ve been absolutely fine without him too, Sanchez gets better every game, Foyth looks good. No dramas, just make sure he goes to PSG for £50m and not Man Utd/Chelski. COYS!

  2. Alderweireld is our best player, so Spurs should do all they can within reason, to keep him.

    It is best to wait until the summer for Spurs to sort this contract situation out.

    I would prefer if Alli was sold for good money. He has been so inconsistent this season and is hyped way too much. He is a decent player, but lacks pace and constantly loses the ball when he tries to dribble passed players.

    Use the money, to get decent cover for Kane and Eriksen.

  3. 38 games! Crikey. He’s our best defender but it’s hard to justify doubling or even tripling his wages when he misses half the season. Keep him one more year and then take the £25m.

  4. split up the best CB pairing we’ve had in years? yeah that makes sense doesn’t it! If Toby had been playing with Jan we would not have lost to Juve and the revenue we could have got for going deeper into the competition would have paid for Toby’s pay rise and still left Levy with some Shekels to spare. Levy is asking Poch to build a Rolls Royce with the budget of a mini…poor old Poch! welcome to the Yiddish way of doing business……..why buy a screw driver when you can borrow one eh Daniel?

  5. All Levy is sell our best players just to satisfy his lust for money. Yes he will deliver a new stadium, but he will never spend money to compete with City. We had the edge over them for two seasons, but he has let them surpass us, because he refuses to sign the real top players.

  6. We are a selling club Walker gone Toby going what is the point we might as well concede we will never win the league.Toby is the best c/h in the league and we cannot find 150k a week but can find 900k to build a stadium.Come on Mr Levy find the money please


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