A number of Tottenham players are stunned after it was revealed club chairman Daniel Levy was paid more than £6 million last season, according to the Times.

An annual financial report announced Levy made £6.013 million for the financial year ending June 2017, making him the highest paid chief executive in the Premier League.

That means Levy made more money per week – £115,000 – than the club’s highest earning player Harry Kane, who is believed to earn somewhere between £100,000 and £110,000 per week.

With reports suggesting the club will not meet the wage demands of key players, most notably Toby Alderweireld, some Spurs players are believed to be surprised by Levy’s earnings.

It is certainly a busy time for Levy and the club. The construction of the new stadium is likely to have something to do with the chairman’s pay hike.

Reports also suggest Mauricio Pochettino and a number of key players are set to be rewarded with new contracts over the coming months.

With all of that in mind, I think the Times’ story is probably blowing things out of proportion a little.



  1. Lazy journalism. Don’t just lift something from The Times without doing your own research. This is typical Spurs bashing nonsense. They are giving Levy’s earnings AFTER performance related bonuses are factored in, and then comparing them to player’s earnings BEFORE bonuses to make a story out of nothing. Everyone who knows anything will tell you we have some of the best, if not the best bonuses in the Prem and Kane (the example given) is on substantially more than his basic £110k wage. Certainly more than £115k a week which Levy is reported to earn (with bonuses). As for his being the highest payed chairman in the league, he is comfortably the best chairman so that is hardly surprising.


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