Mousa Dembele wants his new Tottenham contract to run until the summer of 2022 but the club is reluctant to offer him a three-year extension, according to the Telegraph.

The midfielder’s current deal expires at the end of next season, and he is apparently keen to sign a three-year extension that would make him a Spurs player until the end of the 2021-22 campaign.

Dembele believes this could be his last big contract. He will be almost 35 by the end of his deal if he does recommit until the summer of 2022, a factor that is giving the club pause ahead of negotiations.

Currently 30 years of age, the Belgian is believed to earn around £80,000 per week. A new contract would see him make closer to £100,000 per week.

There is a good chance a number of Tottenham’s key player will be offered new, improved deals in the coming months, especially if the club qualifies for the Champions League for a third successive year.

Spurs are in a great position to do exactly that after moving eight points above Chelsea in the race for a top four finish following Sunday’s 3-1 victory at Stamford Bridge.

Dembele has been an integral member of the first team squad over the last two seasons – Tottenham would be wise to tie him down while he is still operating at a high level.



  1. We will be having a 60,000+ state-of-the-art stadium, we probably will qualify for a third consecutive Champions League spot, we have the best manager and squad in years and we have a fantastic fan base. We look like a top top club. Except for one glaring thing – our miserly wage structure makes us really just a very good mid table club. If we don’t bring it up on par with our stadium, consecutive CL qualifications, manager, squad and fan base, that is exactly what we’ll slip to becoming – a good mid table side. Manager and players will leave for greener pastures, standards and expectations fall, rows of empty seats in the new stadium and we begin our descent, spiraling towards the excitement of relegation battles. On the other hand, looking at how financially successful we have been the past couple of seasons, I don’t see why this cannot be the time to revise our wage structure, particularly for our top players. I would have four rungs at the top of the wage ladder – £100,000 to £125,000 per week, £125,000 to £150,000 per week, £150,000 to £175,000 per week and £175,000 to £200,000 per week. Slot each player within a rung and negotiate within that rung. At the moment, I see only Kane in the top most rung. Dembele, because of his age, comes in the 100-125k rung. Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Eriksen in 125-150k, and so on.

    • What a load of rubbish. I’m glad you’re not running my club. Leave it to people who know how to run a successful business. ?joker. COYS

  2. Mid table club? Which team are you following?

    The trouble with your financial solution is that there will be players that will be disgruntled at whichever tier they are in and want in to the next higher one.

    I have to believe that Daniel Levy (like him or not) knows more about the financial side of running a PL club than either of us do.

  3. I say pay Dembele that money and give him that contract. Its hard to look back on the last 6 years and find a bad game from mousa. His passing accuracy is around 90% every season, his bossing of the midfield is second to no one in football and hes just an all round legend. Howmuch would we get if we sold him? Nowhere near what hes worth to us. Give him a contract, we still dont have a replacemment even in the pipeline because mousa is one of a kind. No accepting 10 or 15m for him…

  4. I have to agree with Bukwark. He is a rock in midfield, very rarely gets shoved off the ball.
    If i’m being hyper-critical he could get us a few more goals, but hey so what we’ve got others that do that. I also agree with Kevin, Daniel Levy is a proper businessman and knows how to run a football club. Just think, we could be like The Spammers and have The Dildo Brothers running our club with Karren (i think i’ll rent a White Elephant) Brady. Just think what a shambles we could be! Leave it to Levy to make the decisions, he is far more able than most.

  5. I really Hope he stays, He said recently that he is not interested in sorting out his contract until after the season is finished. if its true that he wants 100k and a 3 year extension, maybe Spurs could offer his 2 extra years, with an option of the extra year if he retains fitness.


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