Dele Alli played the pantomime villain once again last weekend, responding to the Chelsea fans’ boos by scoring twice and securing Tottenham’s first league win at Stamford Bridge for 28 years.

As the 21-year-old continues to make a huge impact in the Premier League amid a number controversial incidents, it’s worth asking if he is the most hated player in England.

That’s exactly what the folks over at Ball Street did. Their new mini doc features “Flav” from The Fighting Cock podcast, Youtuber “Smiv” and ESPN’s Tottenham correspondent Dan Kilpatrick offering their views on Alli’s reputation.

Watch the full video below.



  1. The he’s a diver tag is over used. All forwards will go to ground if tackled near the box. If they can ride a tackle and create a goal they will do that. If they cannot they go to ground. Dele does not do it more or less than anyone else. He’s just been caught on camera with minimum to no contact a couple of times. Show me a team which doesn’t do it as a rule and I’ll show you a team at the bottom of their league. It’s a “professional foul” by the tackler and those tackled.


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