Mauricio Pochettino says he will talk to Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy about creating a “new project” after qualifying for the Champions League for a third successive season.

Spurs secured third place in the Premier League with a memorable 5-4 comeback win against Leicester City at Wembley on the final day of the campaign.

The Londoners were expected to fall short of a top four finish this season with the burden of having to play ‘home’ games at Wembley stadium while the club’s new White Hart Lane-based stadium is being constructed.

But Tottenham ended up finishing above Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to ensure Champions League football will be played in the first season at their new home.

With Pochettino’s current project seemingly ahead of schedule, the Spurs boss says he will speak with Levy about taking more risks in the future in order to battle for silverware.

“If we want to be real contenders for big, big trophies, we need to review a little,” said Pochettino in his post-match press conference (via BBC Sport).

“First of all, I need to speak with Daniel, then we will know what we are going to do.

“I think it’s a moment the club needs to take risks and if possible work harder than the previous season to be competitive again.”

“I think I have a very clear idea what we need to do; I don’t know if the club will be agreeing with me or not,” Pochettino said.

“But we are going to talk, next week, to create the new project, or what I think what we need to do, together again, to try to improve.

“That is a little bit up to Daniel of course, to the club, to be happy with us, because after four years I think we need to assess that period.

“I think Daniel is going to listen to me. But you know me and sometimes I have some crazy ideas.

“In this type of situation, with a club with our unbelievable fans, being brave is the most important, and to take risks.”

Corners of the media have taken Pochettino’s words as an ultimatum, suggesting the Argentinian could leave if he isn’t given increased funds this summer.

I’m not sure that’s exactly what Pochettino is getting at. I think he is simply recognising that the club is ahead of schedule and needs to reassess its priorities.




  1. I guess he means a few top signings and higher wages to keep key players. He’s right to ask it. If his ambitions are higher than those of the club or if the club doesn’t want to invest enough to realize its ambitions, there is a problem. This being said, what Poch needs above all imo is a tactical coach and a team psychologist to make Spurs win crucial matches.


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