Tottenham are in advanced talks to sign Aston Villa star Jack Grealish, according to the Times.

Grealish emerged as a priority transfer target for Spurs earlier in the summer. The Londoners were keen to take advantage of Villa’s financial troubles and sign the midfielder on the cheap.

There have been many twists and turns since then. Villa manager Steve Bruce revealed Grealish would have to be sold to keep the Championship club afloat, but new owners soon came in and invested money, which obviously changed the situation.

As a result, there were fears Tottenham would no longer be able to by Grealish on the cheap. But the Times are now reporting Spurs are closing in on sealing a deal for the 22-year-old.

The report claims the Londoners are in advanced talks with Villa to get the transfer over the line, with a £20 million bid currently on the table.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that fee increase as the two clubs negotiate a final number, but all signs are pointing towards Tottenham completing their first summer signing in the near future.



  1. What to believe;on the one hand this article, on another Aston Villa now do not need to or want to sell or will do so only for £40M(which of course we will never pay).
    Best we ignore all these crap articles, or better still people should not write them unless it is fact.

  2. It’s blatantly obvious that the new buyers thought they would recoup some of there investment by trying to be clever and upping the price to Spurs on the storyline that ‘ we’re ok now financially ‘how wrong they will be. Villa will be in a worse mess than they are now when Grealish is left unsold.

    • What a fool you are-you need to take your Lilly white tinted glasses off- villa don’t need to sell but if Grealish wants the transfer and he is the only one who can force it over the line then double 20 mill is what you are going to pay- as for the other comment villa owners don’t need the cash they have way more money than anybody on the spurs board!!!

    • It’s “obvious “? Haha. Recouping their investment? It’s pin money to the new owners. Their available current account cash is approx £6 billion and combined worth total worth around £40 billion. They are up several levels financially on Levy so have no need to operate like Del Boy. Despite what the London press claim Grealish will be playing at Villa after the transfer deadline closes because 1) he wants to, 2) his manager wants him to and 3) the new owners want him to.

  3. Total lack of understanding of whats going on at Villa. The fact is that the new owners are very rich. They wont sell unless is £35 m. Take it or leave it Mr Levy!

  4. How do you come to this conclusion? He represents our biggest chance to get back into the league, and if the issue is FFP we can always sell him in January.

    What this new ownership means is that vultures like Spurs can’t pull our pants down over the price offering 12-15 mil is an insult, if you had offered what he is worth at the start when we had financial problems he would now be your player, now you are going to have to pay over inflated prices which you will not do.

    Biggest thing in all of this… the player doesn’t want to leave and we do not need to sell.

  5. LOL villa owners need money to recoup hahahahahahahaqhqhqhqhqhqhqqhqh 1 is worth 6.9 billion yes billion the other 2.2 billion yes again billion. And the family is worth 36 billion yes that 36 billion.

    Hav a nice day spud fans ??


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