Aston Villa want £35 million for Jack Grealish but Tottenham have only offered £20 million so far, according to the Mail.

Grealish emerged as a target for Spurs earlier this summer when Villa were struggling financially – the Premier League giants saw an opportunity to sign him on the cheap and made their move.

Since then new investors have pumped additional funds into Villa, and it is believed the Championship club no longer need to cash in on Grealish.

However, recent reports suggested the 22-year-old expects to join Tottenham by the Premier League’s August 9th transfer deadline.

That doesn’t mean Spurs are close to completing a deal for Grealish, though, with Villa manager Steve Bruce claiming the Londoners are nowhere near meeting the midfielder’s valuation.

Those claims are backed up by the Mail, who report the clubs are currently £15 million apart in terms of Grealish’s asking price.

It seems likely Tottenham will need to increase their current £20 million offer to closer to £25 million if Grealish is to switch clubs by next Thursday.



  1. They will have to increase it by more than £25m more like £35m if they want Grealish but after the media madness over the past month or more, which in the end became a laugh, I can’t see him moving at all our new owners are clearly no fools and they won’t go along with any Levy nonsense you can bet on it.
    The sooner the window closes on the 9th the better it’s going to give the media a massive problem what the hell are they going to talk about, no doubt more fake news.


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