Christian Eriksen scored a brilliantly worked winner to seal victory for Tottenham against Inter Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

The 1-0 win at Wembley means Spurs’ hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the competition are still alive.

Eriksen’s winner was a result of Tottenham’s best move of the game, or so it seemed…

The Dane doesn’t appear to believe the passage of play was as slick as it appeared.

Discussing the build-up to his goal, Eriksen said: “Luckily, Dele had a bad touch behind him so he had a good chance afterwards to play me in, and he did.”

Eriksen appears to suggest Alli’s swivel before his pass was unintentional, but that’s a bold claim to say the least.

From my view, Alli clearly intended to turn and find Eriksen – perhaps the goalscorer hadn’t seen his strike back when he gave the pre-match interview.

Watch the goal again here to make your own mind up, and let us know what you think in the comments.




  1. I am not a great fan of Deli Ali; I think he loses interest during the game if things are not going his way. Having sade that, I think I can see now why he is so admired by the fans, the players and the coaching staff of Spurs. Well done Deli Ali…I have seen you do fantastic things on the playing feet but that faithful pass was brilliant.

  2. Dele Ali did last night what he’s best at, laying off an assist In The most exquisite manner of all,to place the ball into Erickson’s feet so that he didn’t have to adjust his stride or his timing. That’s a 10/10 assist .Erickson could of hit that with his eyes closed ,the assist was so good.
    Don’t mind Ali doesn’t get them all right,but that ability, skill whatever you call it , is there and it will show itself again and again.


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