VIDEO: Footage shows what Jefferson Lerma did to Son Heung-min before red...

VIDEO: Footage shows what Jefferson Lerma did to Son Heung-min before red card



Son Heung-min had an out-of-character moment during Tottenham Hotspur’s 1-0 defeat at Bournemouth on Saturday.

The South Korean received a red card after reacting angrily to Bournemouth midfielder Jefferson Lerma by shoving him to the ground.

However, replays suggested Son was provoked by Lerma, who appeared to punch the Spurs forward on the back before being pushed.

As the video below shows, Lerma seems to throw an arm into his opponent’s back, and Son suddenly sees the red mist before retaliating. Watch below.

What’s more, a few minutes before his dismissal, Son was taken out by Lerma in a separate incident. Watch below.


  1. He might have been provoked but clear red card as was the other one. Dier should also have gone and Bournemouth had stonewall penalty turned down. Overal REF did you a favour.

  2. The ref did us no favours he missed the first blatant incident on Son before the sending off and then he missed the lead up to that sending off – he also missed Diers challenge in fairness and then he failed to see the tug on Foyth as he went into tackle that made it look so much worse so two Red cards were harsh and probably should not have been given but thats football but it was No Favour from a Ref that had a poor game

  3. Pawson is and always will be a Championship standard ref. He’s not capable of handling a game in the correct manor, if he pulls the play back at the original point of Son being shoulder barged off the ball and has a word with the two players and the captain’s to calm things down a little, as there had already been incidents (Dier Inc) at that point, then the game may have been better controlled, he didn’t and it was Sours who suffered for it, granted it could have gone either way as Bournemouth could have been the ones to lose their head but they managed to invoke a response instead but constant niggling away with Pawson never gained any control over that or the game – very poor and I hope for the sake of the Premier League he’s back in the lower league’s next season

  4. I agree that Pawson lost control of the match. By allowing things from both sides to go uncalled or unpunished, the result was predictable. Whereas shenanigans after the whistle can be an immediate reaction to something just done, often the anger or frustration has been building throughout the match.

    • I believe that not only did he punch Son but also stamped on Son foot. Trying to injure him. Maybe lucky he was sent off and still able to play against Ajax.


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