Tottenham Hotspur could convince Christian Eriksen to sign a new contract if a clause that allows him to leave for Barcelona or Real Madrid is included, according to BBC Sport.

Eriksen has just one year remaining on his current Spurs deal and has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid in recent weeks.

It seems the Dane’s future has been put on hold until the end of the season, which is understandable with one of the biggest games in the club’s history – next month’s Champions League final – just around the corner.

There are doubts over whether Eriksen is willing to stay at Tottenham, especially if the club doesn’t increase his relatively low salary to on par with top earners such as Harry Kane.

And BBC Sport claims there is only one way Spurs will be able to convince the 27-year-old to put pen to paper: by including a clause that will allow him to join Madrid or Barcelona if the La Liga giants come knocking.

The issue is that Madrid have apparently already knocked on Tottenham’s door, so there isn’t much point in Eriksen signing a new contract if there is an opportunity for him to move to the Bernabeu this summer.



  1. Does this article and potential deal seem pointless to anyone else. Eriksen isn’t going to go anywhere else but Madrid or Barcelona. We are attempting to get him to sign a deal to keep him from going to either of these clubs, yet we are going to offer him a deal that allows him to go to either of these clubs. I don’t think any potential deal with a “release clause” to Madrid or Barca is rubbish it doesn’t make sense if this were in fact the case it would just be easier to negotiate his sell this summer and be done with it.

  2. Either he signs a new improved contract very soon or leaves.We can’t be playing second fiddle that he will leave for a “bigger” club if the offer comes along; you are either in or out, a Spurs player irrespective of other clubs, or you leave.Simple.

  3. he cant mess about i.e if Madrid or A.N.O dont come in he will stay with Spurs just fuck him off hes not been very good this year anyway


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