BBC Sport released an interesting series of videos via the Match of the Day Twitter account on Friday.

Journalists David Ornstein and Simon Stone sat down to discuss all of the latest transfer rumours.

The pair talked about the likes of Christian Eriksen, Paul Pogba and Harry Maguire, rating each player’s chances of leaving their clubs in the current transfer window.

Ornstein is a particularly reliable reporter, and his observations on Eriksen and Pogba were noteworthy.

He said both players have been targeted by Real Madrid, but Pogba has a 1/10 chance of leaving Manchester United this summer while Eriksen has a 7/10 chance of leaving Tottenham.

Watch below.

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  1. 1/10!? What`s he been smoking!? Pogba will leaveand join Zidane. Eriksen looks more likely to stay since his dream was to play for RM looks bleak.

  2. Please can everyone just stop…endless regurgitating of nothing. If we all continue to do this we are the football equivalent of love island. Why do people daily look for something when there is nothing? Just leave it until there is something to report. Most of us are grown ups, please act like it.


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