Many observers were surprised that Tottenham were able to complete the signing of the highly-rated Lyon midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, at a time when he was being monitored by some of the world’s biggest and richest clubs.

While Spurs seem to have been relatively lucky that the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City and Real Madrid seem too have had other priorities, news has broken that a Premier League rival missed out on Ndombele due to their own lack of urgency.

L’Equipe have claimed that Manchester United were in talks to sign Ndombele, only to lose ground in the negotiations to Tottenham, when they requested more time from Lyon while they addressed the future of Paul Pogba. The Manchester United midfielder has spoken of his desire for a new challenge over the summer, with Real Madrid rumoured to be interested in signing Pogba.

As Madrid have already made a large number of signings during this transfer window, it seems that they are in a position where they will need to sell before they can mount a serious bid for Pogba. That and the fact that any deal for Pogba is likely to take a long time to negotiate, is likely to have influenced Lyon’s decision to ignore Manchester United’s request for more time and press on with their talks with Spurs.

Manchester United supporters will no doubt be frustrated that their executive vice chairman Ed Woodward has seemingly bungled another high profile transfer. With Ndombele having already displayed much more ability to be defensively disciplined than Pogba, pairing the French internationals would have surely made for a very strong midfield.

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  1. Why would Tanguy Ndombele choose ManU over Spurs at the moment? Spurs in the champions league Utd not, Spurs managed by a top manager, Utd by a young man who may or may not turn out to be a good manager. Times have changed for both these clubs three or four years ago the rolls would have been reversed.

  2. Whether Manchester United were interested in Ndombele or not is irrelevant. Firstly, Spurs are in the Champions league Manchester United are not. Secondly, Ndombele toured the Spurs facilities and personally spoke with our manager, no such event occurred at the Manchester club. Thirdly, its ironic that every player Spurs are supposedly interested in, the nonces in the media are linking that particular Manchester club with. Do you think there’s a jealousy/envy where Spurs are concerned? Whatever, Spurs surely have the others scratching their collective heads. I love it.

  3. I would suggest this artical is damage control, on a bruised ego and adjusting the MU sense of intitelment that they have from their glory days under AF. it’s fantastic for the PL that the likes of Liester have won recently, and brilliant that the so called big 2 became a big 4 and now it is demoed to be the big 6 …. with a strong chasing pack ready to further upset the ‘laundered money entitled 3 MU, MC, CFC and the American inspired Bindippers, the financially well managed Spuds and the ‘sad’ declining Gunners in the season to come. I say bring it on for all to enjoy



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