Does this suggest that Paulo Dybala is on his way to Tottenham?

Does this suggest that Paulo Dybala is on his way to Tottenham?



Spurs are continuing to chase an extraordinary deal to sign Juventus man Paulo Dybala – despite the window closing in less than 24 hours.

Sky in Italy reported that Tottenham agreed a £65m deal yesterday evening, but Dybala’s image rights are causing a halt in the transfer and Spurs are facing a race against time to pull off what would be one of the deals of the summer.

But the Argentine remains in Turin for the time being. And he played and scored for Juventus in a 4-0 victory over Serie C side Novara in a practice match this evening.

After the game, Dybala posted two quite telling photos from on Instagram account. Does this suggest that the 25-year-old is saying goodbye to his teammates ahead of a potential move to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, or is he purely showing affection to both Giorgio Chiellini and Brazilian Douglas Costa?

Whatever it could mean, it’s got everyone excited.


  1. Dybala will become a complete player with us under Pochettino & spurs. Best stadium & training facilities on the planet.. best fans & supporters. Ticks all the boxes… Mr Levy make it happen..???

  2. Levy knew exactly what would happen, he knows why the Utd deal fell through. So it’s supposed to make it look like Levy was prepared to spend even more than he has when in fact he has absolutely no intention whatsoever. He must think we’re all stupid, I think most Spurs fans are starting to wise up to Levy and realise that he’s not going to invest the amounts he promised Pochettino. Think about it, what’s the point of selling your best players and replacing them, Dembele went, it took time but we’ve now replaced him with Ndombele, Lo Celso looks like he’s coming but Eriksen will be gone before the window shuts in Spain. If you really want to invest and improve the depth of squad, you get rid of the deadwood players keeping your best and replacing the deadwood with quality signings, that improves the depth of the squad. But Levy doesn’t want too many quality players sitting on the bench taking home £150k a week. Acting like that will win you nothing, without the depth will win you nothing. ENIC have been in charge over a decade and in that time we’ve won one league cup and that wasn’t long after they took charge, If Levy doesn’t change his ways and really put in some investment, Pochettino won’t stick around much longer and when that happens I hate to think what will happen to our club.

    • Another Harry “K**b Head” Hotspur fan boy. They spend more time slating Spurs and the owners than supporting the team. If you ever do go on his s**t blog, make sure not to click on any of the adverts, wouldn’t want that fool to get any revenue.

      • It’s a insult to Spurs that “Harry hotspurs” Uses the Spurs name the rat. The blokes a full on prick along with his little pathetic minions as above. We have smashed our transfer record and look like doing it again yet these knobs still moan. N do n dombele, sessengon, dybala, le celso is a fucking good window. Add lamela coming back.
        We just need rb cover now with foyth out, kwp still learning and aurier if he’s not injured he’s a red card waiting to happen and looks like he’s back off to France.

    • Tony, how’s life? Not great I’d say. You are such an ol’ misery guts…always moaning. Is there anything that cheers you up and puts a smile on your face? Probably not. For some people the glass is half full. For others it’s half empty. For you it’s totally empty…and broken. Have you considered supporting some other team? Like North Pole Rovers? And moving there…I’ll buy you a season ticket for them…a 20-year one. Meanwhile you should really back away from supporting Spurs. It’s not doing you any good…we all worry for you. Bye Tony.

    • From painful mediocrity, Levy has steadily elevated this club to the front rank of English and European football clubs. This steady rise began long before Pochettino, with Jol and Redknapp both making notable progress. And remember, it was Levy who recruited Pochettino. At the time, many Spurs fans were calling for Van Gaal or De Boer.

      We now have a wonderful manager, a first class training complex, a world class stadium, and a brilliant squad (that will be even stronger when we finalise a few more signings in the next 24 hours).

      Yet incredibly, fans still moan about Levy! I don’t know which fault they are most guilty of: STUPIDITY or INGRATITUDE.

      As for only winning the League Cup, how is that Levy’s fault? We’ve been in numerous semis and finals when the team has been easily good enough to win, but it hasn’t. Did Levy pick the team on those occasions? Did he decide the tactics? Was he responsible for failing to put the ball in the back of the net? Was it Levy who dived the wrong way when trying to save a penalty?

      Levy gets criticised too much, and praised too little. He’s our little genius, and if he ever ups sticks we’ll soon realise just how much we took him for granted.

  3. Dybala plus Lo Celso plus Lamela plus Alli plus NDombele (as our intelligent creative department) is the handful trophies are made of.

    Right back is still a glaring area of concern carried over from last season but our attack is suddenly starting to look incredible.

    Alli, Son, Dybala, Lamela, Lo Celso, Lucas and Kane is a set of attacking options of the very best in world football.

    Throw in midfield options of Sissoko, Winks, NDombele, Dier, Lo Celso and Alli, then we have all combinations of set ups.

    I still believe that Alderweireld and Vertonghen are arguably the best central defensive partnership in world football (we behind some poor central midfield partnerships last season (defensively at least since Dembele died off and left) and were separated the season prior. Lloris is still a top goalkeeper and Rose is a top left back. Davies, Sanchez and Foyth are great cover. Aurier with a run of games behind him can be a top right back but his intermittent fitness is a worry and with Foyth out and KWP still lacking the physicality of a top right back, Im really looking at that as our weak area that teams will attack, as with Trippier.

    Lets just hope for now we get Dybala and Lo Celso over the line and to some extent Sessegnon, who is a prospect that will boost our homegrown contingient next season, even though left back doesnt stand out as a problem at the minute with Rose, Davies and Vertonghen all capable of bringing something different to that position.

      • Lamela looks fantastic in pre season, seen him myself against inter Milan when I was there, I’m not picking sides or being a Lamela fan boy, my favourite player is Lucas Moura but some people like players better than others

      • Lucas is Moura, and so is mentioned or do you mean why did you mean why did I mention Lamela as a creative player and not Lucas who had 16 goals and 0 assists last season?

  4. I certainly think that Bruno Fernandes would make a better signing for us……but with Daniel Levy all this emotional rollercoaster could all be in futility…….Dybala….Celso……Coutinho..Fernandes.

    Let’s wait for the end of this fantasy ride.


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