Fulham vice-chairman Tony Khan has revealed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy was difficult to deal with during negotiations over Ryan Sessegnon, almost resulting in the transfer collapsing.

Levy is renowned for being a tricky customer when it comes to transfer dealings. Manchester United and Chelsea are both said to have been put off doing business with Spurs in the future because of the tactics Levy has used in the past.

And now, Khan has explained why that might be also be the case for Fulham going forwards.

Speaking to Fulham’s official website – as relayed by the London Evening Standard – Khan suggested Tottenham came in with a low offer for Sessegnon at the last minute despite being interested in the teenager for some time, subsequently preventing Fulham from getting their own transfer business done before the deadline.

“We heard from them [Tottenham] for the first time two weeks before the close of the window,” Khan said. “We had been making all our deals under the assumption that Ryan could wind the contract down and they were not going to offer us anything. I was totally prepared for that.

“It seemed like it might be a likely scenario when he still had not heard from them a couple of weeks out, which is why I was doing loan deals where we knew the club would compliant with Financial Fair Play [FFP] rules. We had got three of our top four targets on loan but there was still a lot of uncertainty about what we could do in the rest of the window after we got Ivan Cavaleiro, Anthony Knockaert and Harry Arter.

“It turned out we were not able to buy any players because this transaction had been held up. And when I finally got an offer it was so ridiculously low that I had to make it super clear that we were not going to take a penny less our asking price, which is exactly what we got.

“If it was a penny less than our asking price I was perfectly fine for the player to wind his contract down.

“We were so far apart that 24 hours before the deadline I was prepared for Ryan to stay at Fulham this year. We were going to get every penny that we asked for, and we got every penny we asked for. I wish it had not taken so long. People have said ‘you knew you were going to get the money, why did you not go out and spend it?’ No, until we had every penny in hand I was not going to go out and spend it.

“It was not until the middle of the afternoon on deadline day that we actually had a signed agreement. There were multiple breakdown in the closing days.

“I was glad we had done some deals early [in the window]. But the stuff we did on deadline day was greatly impacted by the sale that went through late on deadline day.

“We got Harrison Reed down to a loan with Southampton that we could do no matter what happened with our sale. Then we had Bobby Reid and another transfer we were trying to do. Bobby Reid I negotiated in loan in the final hours, and the Josh Onomah swap. The transfer I was hoping to get across but was not able to do because I did not have the money.

“The Ryan Sessegnon situation was definitely the catalyst as to why we were not able to get that transfer across. In terms of FFP compliance, it would not have been a move that was suitable for the club if we had not got that transfer over the line.”

Levy has frustrated Spurs fans with his brinkmanship in the past, making late moves for players and sometimes missing out instead of getting the deals done early in the window.

That said, his way of going about things has saved the club money, and being financially frugal has served Tottenham well as they go through a period of transition following the construction of the new stadium.

What do you think of Levy’s negotiation tactics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. Hes not very pleasant in his dealings he knows nothing about players good as a businessman. He comes out with were after this and that player rarely gets them done cos he waits till 23.59 or this window16.59.he messed up on dybala deal a player he knew we needed but no he missed out.it would serve him right if we lose poch because of his meddling.he should get deals done and have players in to get pre season done.he likes selling at harrods and tries to buy at poundland.hes done ok with ground and training facilities. Supporters want team to compete and win trophies.hes got terrible reputation.wish spurs could transfer him out

    • Realise they’ve been done. 25-30 mill for a 19 year old who was absolute crap in the premier plus onomah. Think spurs are the ones that got done her, tried to mug Fulham off and got stitched up with a high fee. Could of paid 10 mill less if approached things properly early doors like most clubs

      • Spot on Josh, I don’t think we’ve got a good deal at all. And not only that but Levy has burnt bridges in the process, soon no one will want to deal with us.

  2. I can’t see what Fulham’s complaint is. Every party in a negotiation wants to get the best deal. As for Manchester United, the way they have dealt with Spurs in the past has simply been atrocious. There is still a lot of ill-feeling about the way the acquired Berbatov from us.

    • Levy is costing spurs our good name, he needs to be gotten rid of before irrepairable damage is done.
      There is no denying that Levy has failed to capitalise when spurs have had the opportunity to progress, how long will the happy clappers put up with Levy costing the club? Money isn’t everything!

      • I’m a Fulham supporter can’t see the levy has done anything wrong.If he doesn’t wanna offer the asking price until the final afternoon his choice that’s why he’s bought so many players on great deals!!
        I’ve listened to the whole Khan video regarding Fulham transfers he doesn’t criticise Levy at all apart from the ,initial low bid, he wanted to get the deal done early so we had funds to buy players but he had the option to take a little less but was prepared to wait for asking price for Sessegnon.

        What I find really strange is that Tottenham have wanted Sessegnon for two years so deal was going to happen at sometime. Sessegnon Would not sign a new deal so only had a year left why did Tottenham not wait And get him free next summer??

        Hope he is a future star good luck Ryan

  3. As a negotiator myself I inderstand there will be multiple factors impacting any negotiation; in football employment contracts financial outlay and team impact would be just 2 of many factors. Levy simply overestimates the importance of finance. At this time spurs have the marketing framework but need the team performance and record re trophies to match. A budget of 100M for transfers now was low in my oponion and hindered our ability to sign both Fernandes and Dybala at least on loan with obligations to buy. If Arsenal can negotiate installment deals why cant we with superior marketing infastructue and team performance manage that for Fernandes …Spurs are doing it for Sissoko!

  4. MR |Levy should not be dealing with Transfer Dealings with Him in Charge we are not going to be the really top club he cant get his head round paying the money he done well with Stadium But as for dealing with Buying Players he all the time looking for a deal this will not work and reason we failed with Pablo Dyabla

    • He didn’t really do well with the stadium though did he? It was delayed, building started way later than it should have been (whether that’s the local councils fault or Levy playing his silly games, I reckon a bit of both) and it cost probably double what it should have, look at the cowboys stadium as an example of what a billion dollars can buy (when there was almost £2 to $1!!) Who pays £1,000,000,000,000 for a stadium that looks like a toilet seat from above?

  5. I suspect Levy is a bit of a control freak, where he has to have the final say in everything Tottenham. Football and Spurs have grown exponentially over the last 5-10 years, where clubs are big businesses that need a group of senior managers, as having one man making all the calls is counter productive in today’s footballing world.

  6. Regardless of what drives him, Levy’s job is to negotiate and he does it really well. We made a deal Mr. Khan (which is actually very good for you). Can you please explain why you are whining and complaining ? Didn’t get everything you wanted eh.?

    • He is moaning because Levy is a twat when it comes to signing players.
      I believe that Sessegnon is a Levy signing rather than a Poch signing, who in their right mind chases a player for a full transfer window (and then some, we’ve been after Ryan since last year!) only to end up signing them on deadline day? I can understand Khan being angry with Levy, he puts in all these low offers, leading the selling club to believe that he isn’t serious so they don’t sign a replacement then Levy comes I with a serious offer with a few hours to go. Sure, Khan could have said no but Fulham have just been relegated, they are in no position to lose £30,000,000 like that, they needed to sell but who wouldn’t want that business done at an earlier time? Our supporters have moaned about exactly the same thing before.

  7. So much negativity about Levy! Some fans have got very short memories!! We have the best stadium, the best training ground, a top top manager and a fantastic squad of players. In the last five years we have a net transfer spend of £5M but qualified for the champions league 4 years in a row and reached the CL final. The club has a fantastic future. Maybe they want the Glaziers in charge or Kroenke or Ashley???!!!! If you don’t believe me read what Gary Neville thinks. He’d give his right arm to have Levy at United! #carefulwhatyouwishfor

  8. Great Job Levy. No issues. We running a business. We just renovated our stadium. Khan new Spurs was the only club really interested,he can play his pity party elsewhere. Idiot.!!

    • Think your missing the point don’t think Khan was complaining about Levy, apart from wasting time with initial low offer, it was just that final offer was so late Fulham could not buy any players from Sessegnon money.
      What I surprised is that levy paid £25m with 1 year left on his contract could have got him free next summer!!

  9. Common wisdom is Levy is a pain to negotiate with. Problem with common wisdom it is too common and not very wise. Levy’s job is to administer the business aspect of a football team. Something he does brilliantly.

  10. Being renowned as being a good and tough negotiator is great, but there are times Levi has lost out on good players by playing this hard role of dragging the deal.
    In the end people will not be keen to do business in the future. They’ll walk away.
    In this case Fulham pulled out a good deal in the end.

    • I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Real Madrid went straight to Arsenal after we sold them Bale, I think it was Perez’ way of getting back at Levy.

  11. This sort of thing makes me laugh out loud.. do you think Levy cares about what’s others think? Do a quick search about Levy boss and you will see they don’t care..hostile takeovers or trying to force their own boards of companies.. Levy is a director of a company that owns over 200 other companies, he’s got no time for feelings..

  12. The reason Khan got the money late was because he declined to lower his price. Had he lowered his price he would have got the money sooner. He had the choice of lower price/quicker money, or high price/slower money. He’s boasting about getting his original price, yet at the same time crying like a baby!

    Levy is the best in the business. When he took over Spurs we were the rough equivalents of Aston Villa, Everton, Newcastle, and West Ham. Look at us now. If Levy is a bad chairman, why have these other clubs not progressed anywhere near as much as we have?

    Other clubs do business with Tottenham for the same reason Tottenham does business with them: to acquire a commercial or on-field benefit. Not one single club anywhere in the world has refused to do business with Tottenham because they get upset with Levy. Any executive who shrinks from doing a deal for his club simply because he doesn’t like negotiating with Levy is unfitted for his role. Lyon complained about Levy when they sold us Hugo Lloris, and the media and false-Spurs ‘fans’ jumped on it with glee, seizing the opportunity to have a go at Levy. Yet sure enough, here we are having just broken our transfer record to sign Ndombele from LYON!

    All you false-fans who have an anti-semitic dislike of Levy should piss off and support another club. The Tottenham fanbase would be better and happier without you.

  13. Levy should start consentrating on trying to keep the players he has. Spurs have the facilities now to attract good players but for some reason the ones he has he will end up losing for nothing unless he starts offering them a decent contract to stay.

  14. How much did Fulham spend last season?How many over priced players got them relegated?Fulham may find it difficult to do business with any Premier league club because they have players that are not good enough!Need to have a look at how you run yer own club!


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