The official referees board has confirmed Mike Dean’s decision to not award Tottenham a penalty against Newcastle was not overturned by VAR because there was “not enough evidence” to change the initial call.

Spurs were trailing 1-0 to Newcastle at home when Harry Kane appeared to be hauled to ground by Jamaal Lascelles. Dean waved away Tottenham’s appeals and the VAR stuck with the referee’s decision despite suggestions he made a “clear and obvious” error – watch the incident here and make up your own mind.

Later, the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) released a statement, likely because they received a number of questions about why Kane was not deemed to have been fouled by the VAR.

Via journalist Paul Brown, the statement read: “It was considered not to be a penalty by the on-field referee. As this was a subjective decision, the VAR deemed that there was not enough evidence to overturn the original call and so stuck with the on-field decision.”

From one point of view, the PGMOL’s statement makes sense. Dean saw the incident and deemed there was not enough contact for a penalty to be awarded, so the VAR did not overrule him because his decision was not categorically wrong in a “clear and obvious” way.

That said, many Tottenham fans believe replays showed it was a clear penalty, meaning the decision should have been overturned regardless of what Dean had initially given.

Below are some of the reactions from Spurs supporters. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Mike Dean once again shows what a poor referee he is, this man should not be refereeing in the premier league let alone a Spurs game where he is so one sided. Time after time he spoils games with his strutting about trying to be the star of the show. We still do not know what he said to Poch. last season and of course we never will as refs are like the secret service when it comes to speaking the truth. Great referees of bygone years like the great Jack Taylor must turn in there graves looking down on the standard of refereeing today.

    • Bang on! VAR is a joke. The problem is its being used by cunts likeMike Dean that see the decisions but want to be talked about. If that was not a penalty today there wont be one… was a rugby tackle… for sky pundits what a bunch of pricks! So Kane initiated lascelles falling into his path and taking him out wtf!!!!!!

  2. Mike Dean should not be allowed to be in charge of a Spurs game as he is obviously biased against us. A blind man can see that fact ??

  3. Clutching at straws after a poor guileless performance. Should not have been in that position against a poor team. No movement or creativity. Evened up from City decision last week. Not convincing so far this season

    • Bullz, being in the position has nothing to do with the call. The play occurs within the time permitted. That said, you slate the team and more the manager for leaving a fit Eriksen on the bench and 2 this stupid back 3 that has not and will not work. However, the penalty is not about force or how the contact occur. Lascelles in an attempt to prevent Kane the oppurtunity to score trip over himself and impeded Kane. This has notthing to do with force intentions to commit or otherwise. As the play unfolds Kane was obviously impeded by the opposing player that lost control of his body and unabated fell over the legs of Kane. That is a penalty. He is 100% responsible for his body. And to be clear he should be given red as well. This is not gymnastics difficulties, but yet VAR and the refs are juddging intent. Silly example: when looking at the offside rule, the body position is examine not the intent of player. What is the difference?

  4. Much as it will not surprise a lot of Spurs fans, first we must accept we played crap.
    However, and it is provable that Referee, Mike Dean, has this thing about Tottenham games, I would wish someone to prove otherwise, but Dean is either bigotted or decides to be at his worst for our games.
    Not just this game though, He is probably one of the worst referees in Football.
    His decision making is biased, e:g Almiron committed 7 fouls on Rose, 6 on Son and yet it took DOPEY DEAN nearly 70 mins to Yellow card him. The Standard of simple decisions allowed Newcastle to bottle up the centre of the field. When they did breakout they were ostensibly wrenching and cramping muscles, this then brought about the dying swan antics of ungentlemanly conduct.
    Once a long while ago, Bill Shankly said, If a player is on the field he is always liable to be interfering with play, thats what we pay them to do. A referee must accept, the oh I did not mean it, or I was not going to touch, or I fell is an excuse for knowingly being in the wrong.
    In the highly lucrative Premier League, these Ref s must be at least 95% accurate with decisions DEAN would been about 7.5% yesterday, enough to convince Mr Levy to tell Poch to bring ALL his players off until he was replaced and no fine should placed on Spurs for it. Maybe then Referees will improve as I think even VAR being operated by another will never really work.


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