Tottenham’s Carabao Cup campaign ended at the first hurdle after they were embarrassingly knocked out on penalties by League Two Colchester United.

Spurs were unable to score in 90 minutes and after Christian Eriksen and Lucas Moura missed in the shoot-out, the hosts advanced to Round Four.

Paulo Gazzaniga, 5 – A mere spectator in the 90 minutes and although he easily saved one of the penalties, he should have comfortably saved another.

Kyle Walker-Peters, 3 – Wasteful on his return from a hamstring injury and his crossing was poor throughout.

Davinson Sanchez 3, – His passing was off and as the game wore on he struggled against a spirited Colchester attack.

Japhet Tanganga 6, – An impressive debut by the 20-year-old. Far more composed than Sanchez on the ball and besides one needless foul, he was extremely bright.

Eric Dier 4, – The best of the three central midfielders, but that hardly said much.

Victor Wanyama 2, – Continued where he left off against Leicester on Saturday with another awful display. Some of his passing was not even close to the required standards.

Oliver Skipp, 3 – His first appearance of the season and it showed. Too slow on the ball.

Dele Alli, 2 – Similar to his performance against Olympiacos. Appalling throughout and his only bright spot was converting from 12-yards.

Lucas Moura, 6 – Was Spurs’ best player in the opening 45 minutes, but his evening went from bad to worse, topped off by a woeful penalty in the shoot-out.

Troy Parrott, 5 – Finally got his big moment at just 17 years of age, but couldn’t really get in the game. Missed a few half-chances either side of the break before he was replaced.


Erik Lamela 5, – Looked to make things happen, but just wasn’t on for long enough.

Christian Eriksen 2, – Didn’t look like wanted to be out there and his shocking penalty epitomised that.

Heung Min Son 5, – Didn’t happen for him.



  1. Mark my words,this is the biggest crisis the club has faced since their relegation in 1976/7.
    MP most certainly is not the man to get us out of this mess.He is clueless and the quicker he goes the better. He has lost the dressing room, he can’t motivate the players and his decision making beggars belief.Like I knew when our 2nd “goal” at Leicester last Saturday being disallowed would result in our defeat, I knew that Eriksen would miss his penalty tonight- not difficult when he has missed the 2 previous ones.Eriksen should not be considered for 1st team duty and told to train with the Youth team until his inevitable departure.Why he perseveres with Wanyama, well….Unfortunately Levy won’t want to sack him as it will cost a fortune.I also don’t see Real Madrid coming in for him as they don’t want losers.
    Mr Levy I actually feel sorry for you and you are faced with a big headache.However remember that managers like Allegri, and it hurts to say it but Mourinho will not be available indefinitely, and people like Eddie Howe’s value will continually increase as Bournemouth improve.
    Such a shame, but we have gone backwards.

  2. I always said MP ISA LOSER. He is clueless and we will not finish top 4 nor will we get to the next round of the CL. Mp is an embarrassment and should be honest enough to give up the position. I have said over and over he does not know how to win never won anything in his life. Levy should have the guts to fire him and get a winner in as manager. We don’t even have a quality back up striker we let go Llorente and now he is scoring goals in the CL against Liverpool!!! What a joke! Our season is doomed.

  3. Pocc really is a clown.Now he wants to repair the situation in the January transfer window(I wonder if Mr.Levy has already given his approval)?
    He was given the funds in last transfer window to buy the players he was pining for(thank you Mr. Levy) and look where it has got us.Bloody hell we were a lot better off when we went 18 months without signing a new player.
    Can he explain how Top players like Eriksen, Dier and Alli are now looking like Hackney Marshes Sunday kick abouts?

  4. Everyone is hammering the Tottenham display and chastising the manager. All the radio commentary was focused on how bad Spurs were. Yet no one cared to mention the tenacity and endeavour of the home side. Cup upsets happen. This is just one of them. A great night for the Essex club.

  5. What short memories these so-called Spurs fans have.
    Five memorable years of really good football, the best
    and most consistent times since the 1980s, and better
    even than the Harry Redknapp (Bale/Modric) brief years.
    Arguably, and even statistically, we’ve been the most
    consistent PL team over this past 5 year period ..outdoing all our
    rivals, including Liverpool and City.
    Sure we haven’t won a trophy, and that really hurts, but
    we’ve had some genuine GLORY, particularly at the end of
    last season.
    Getting rid of our manager now would set us on a rebuilding
    programme which could lead to years before we get back
    to being a regular top four team.
    I also wonder how Poch’s departure would affect the likes of Harry Kane.
    Poch has no apparent say on the uncertainty of contracts
    surrounding Eriksen, Verts, Alderweireld, Rose etc..
    Certain players are also getting older and less effective,
    while others have suffered niggling injuries/illnesses,
    like Dier and Alli, and even Kane, with his ankles.
    We’ve bought only two players of significance over two years,
    Ndombele and Lo Celso, the latter who has yet to
    start one game. But we can see too that some of our rivals
    throwing money at new expensive players hasn’t worked
    We’ve also had to endure two seasons away from home, and STILL
    finished in the Top Four.
    Poch’s made mistakes (don’t we all) and in hindsight he’d have done
    some things differently, but he’s produced a team we can be proud of.
    We have a great stadium, a great training centre, a fine Chairman (who
    also makes mistakes) and some great players. I’m sure we can add to them
    in January.
    If Poch can leave all distraction behind now, while the players, to a man, give
    their ALL for our club, we can still have a successful season.
    But we WON’T if Poch goes!


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