Tottenham’s bad week got far worse with a 3-0 defeat at Brighton on Saturday afternoon.

Hugo Lloris’s mistake gifted Neal Maupay an early goal before the goalkeeper was forced off with a serious arm injury.

Teenager Aaron Connolly scored either side of half-time as Mauricio Pochettino’s side collapsed once again.

Here’s how every Spurs player rated against Brighton.

Hugo Lloris, N/A – Dropped a clanger before leaving the pitch with an injury inside three minutes.

Moussa Sissoko, 5 – Drove forward quite well and showed a bit of fight but his crossing was poor.

Toby Alderweireld, 3 – The Belgian’s worst performance for a long time. Completely out of sorts.

Jan Vertonghen, 4 – Seems to have slowed this season, both in the tackle and on the ball.

Ben Davies, 4 – Offered little going forward and committed too many clumsy fouls.

Eric Dier, 3 – So poor on the ball both in midfield and when he dropped into the back three.

Tanguy Ndombele, 4 – Some nice flicks were overshadowed by too many touches. Hooked at half-time.

Christian Eriksen, 2 – One starts to wonder how many more appearances of this level Pochettino can abide.

Erik Lamela, 4 – Looked the biggest threat on the counter but didn’t really do enough.

Son Heung-min, 3 – His first touch was way off and he often over-dribbled in promising areas.

Harry Kane, 4 – His passing gave Spurs some control but he missed his only chance and was very quiet.


Harry Winks, 4 – Came on at half-time. Showed a lack of creativity with his passing.

Lucas Moura, N/A – Introduced at 3-0 and forced Matt Ryan into two good saves.



  1. FFS get that clown Pocc away from our club.It might cost £30M to sack him Mr.Levy, but dropping to the Championship will cost us £300M in lost revenue.
    Action is required now.

  2. I never comment and I stick by the team always. but this is something else. I don’t know whats going on are the players playing for the club and manager? doesn’t seem so. clearly lacking wide players with pace. so predictable Brighton don’t have problem defending against us. I am not going to dig out any players because this is lack of team effort, and a worse result then the Bayern game by far. we really need unity and some leaders on the field. I see no player get angry when we conceded a goal or trying to spur other players on if they are clearly lacking in game. just seems like we are not bothered. I thought we was supposed to be 1 of the fittest squads in the league clearly doesn’t seem so. those double sessions must be sucking the players energy mid week and pre season to the point we look the most un fit in the league. tactically I don’t know what to expect at the minute what formation are we going to play? whats the general game plan? who is are best 11? im just feeling so confused its upsetting really. I will always back the team and believe but im finding it hard these last couple of weeks. and before any fan starts questioning me I was season ticket holder from 92 to early 2000s when things were actually dire so I know hard times but this feels like self destruct button. sorry for the rant. COYS.

  3. Ericksen needs to be dropped,
    Moora needs to start,
    Winks needs to pass forward,
    64 million for a player who can’t last 90mins,
    Son should of been taken off,
    Load of rubbish,,

    • Hi. I dont know much about Spurs but every time I watch them on telly Son looks a Super player. I’m a Hoops Supporter but like good fitba and Spurs play good fitba have Faith.

  4. Eriksen’s attitude is dreadful and he is playing so badly (and has been all 2019) he should be kept away from the team, and Moura started. 1/10 today! All except Winks and Moura get 4 or less, and that includes Poch for team selection, tactics and timing of substitutions. Can it get any worse after the last week?

  5. Pleased that 99,99% of Spurs supporters agree on 1 thing: Eriksen should be kept away from the 1st team.The 0.01%: Pocc.
    Need I say more.

  6. Davis should never play again: passing back all the time never doing anything positive. Eriksen very poor and should be given away to Clacton pub team; Son poor, Kane poor, Dier, Why?; the defence -what defence? They didn’t turn up which says it all. This has to stop now and the causes sorted – a revolution in the offing no doubt.

  7. This is the fault primarily of the set up at Tottenham where Levy conducts all transfer business and Pochettino is more a head coach than a manager. Pochettino himself and his management staff must seek to put things right this season at Tottenham by making the hard decisions necessary about players most particularly about getting players out. Only by doing that can new faces appear who are enthusiastic and motivated to propel the club forward. It’s these hard decisions that the likeable manager doesn’t appear to be in a position to do or hasn’t got the ruthless streak necessary to ensure it’s done? Whatever, let me state that there are players at the club who aren’t good enough for a team aspiring to attain top honors. Social media strongly suggests players supported as being better than they are and as long as that persists at the club new better players can never appear. In one way, it’s good this is happening now. I always felt that any players dithering about contractual stuff should be shown the door without hesitation. There is a cost in that but there is a much bigger cost in holding on to such players. No player regardless of who he is should be exempt from such a policy were it so established. Lloris has been dodgy for a long time now, Eriksen has been poor, Alderweirld has been a shadow of the player he once was, Aurier has been exposed as a poor defender, Davies is quite useless, Dier is worse, Ali has been poor, Winks is very average, Kyle Walker Peters is no answer for full back and Son is an over rated player at Tottenham. Even Vertonghen and Kane look sluggish more often and all this squad alteration business is disruptive and breeding uncertainty in team performance. Give me players who show real fight on a consistent basis like Sissoko and Lamela any day. Pochettino’s entire system and philosophy on fitness and team work but when some on the team are quite simply poor players who cannot do the job required of them then its time to waken up and to change that. I hope Pochettino manages to do this and in so doing really shakes up his squad by discarding players and bringing in new members over this season and into the next. That is the real challenge for management as I see it

  8. The problem at Spurs is Levy, we have been on the verge of being a great team for almost a decade but never pushed on with decent investment when needed which meant we missed out on champions league and our best chance of winning a championship in decades. Until we stop pretending that half our players are greats we won’t go anywhere, currently a mid table team


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