Tim Sherwood has dismissed talk of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy sacking Mauricio Pochettino, insisting there is “no way” the Argentinian will be given his marching orders.

Pochettino’s job security is the source of speculation after a dreadful week in which Spurs suffered a record home defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League before losing 3-0 at Brighton.

Regardless of recent results, Pochettino has taken Spurs to another level during a transitional period for the football club. He may not have won any trophies, but he has likely met Levy’s brief: staying in the top four while the move into the new stadium is completed.

And Pochettino’s predecessor believes Levy will recognise those achievements when thinking about the club’s future.

“Daniel Levy is one of the most astute men in football; do you think he in his right mind will sack Mauricio Pochettino?” Sherwood told talkSPORT.

“He has got so much credit in the bank with that football club. There is no way he will sack Mauricio Pochettino – not in a million years.

“Now if Mauricio decides he has had enough and he can take the club no further and he wants to move on to pastures new, then I still think he is mad to do that. I think he is the man for the job. I don’t want to him leave. I love the guy, I love the football club.

“Everything is great [at Tottenham]. Even last night we saw that first NFL game at the stadium and it was fantastic. Everything is going brilliantly for Tottenham but they have to get over this bump in the road. Every club has it.

“I still believe they qualify for the Champions League knockout stages and…finish in the top four this season.”

Despite a couple of big additions, Pochettino didn’t quite oversee the squad overhaul he thought was required over the summer, which has led to a sense of stagnation among the current group of players. It’s now up to everybody to pull together and change the current mood.

What do you think of Sherwood’s comments? Will Levy ever sack Pochettino? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. I find it incredible that there should be any call for Poch to go, no matter how small that number of fans might be. Do we really need to point out what he has done since arriving. The players are to blame and more so Levy for not strengthening the squad for the last two seasons adequately. Levy has been ineffective in the transfer windows, with the exception of N’Dombele. Even Utd when Fergie was there strengthened every season, now look at them. I think all Spurs fans should be 100% behind Poch, the players can come and go, but have keep what has been a revelation for the club since coming……..Poch

  2. I’ve always liked Tim Sherwood as a player and also when he was coach and manager(criticised by many but not me) but if he really thinks that we will make Top 4, I think he is living in cloud cuckoo land; knock out stages of CL a possibility but also doubtful.

    • Clubs are waiting for our players to run their contracts out so they don,t have to negotiate with daniel.that is not poch,s fault.if bids had come in they would have been long gone and Bruno Fernandez would be here .hazard harked for a move to Madrid but was determined to win a trophy and leave Chelsea in the top 4.if only eriksen had the same attitude.

  3. Mike, The sooner that the players at spurs remember that the club is bigger than any one individual or individuals then the better off our club will be.
    I started supporting spurs in the early sixties when the like’s of danny blanchflower and dave mackay were playing for nowhere near the money that these players get today.

  4. Totally agree with Sherwood. There was a 5y plan. We reached all the targets in 4y. So now we a need a new plan, which in Poch’s own words, the club (DL) has not committed to.
    Therefore, limbo. Poch is a project man. Timescale, resources, plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Endof.


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