Former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas has said Serge Aurier should not play for the club again as Spurs continue to count the cost of their failure to sign a new right-back in the summer.

Kieran Trippier left for Atletico Madrid in July and Tottenham opted against signing a direct replacement. Mauricio Pochettino rotated Kyle Walker Peters and young centre-back Juan Foyth on the right during pre-season, while Aurier has been used semi-regularly since the beginning of the campaign.

Despite playing well in a 4-0 win over Crystal Palace, Aurier was sent off against Southampton and looked completely out of sorts in the 7-2 defeat to Bayern Munich. And Jenas believes the Ivorian’s days are numbered because of the amount of mistakes he makes.

Assessing the squad in his column for the Daily Express, Jenas wrote: “You have a ‘keeper who is constantly making mistakes. A right-back situation that is a joke. They let Kieran Trippier leave, of all players. I don’t care what sort of season he had last year… because he was playing injured for the whole year.

“Who at that football club, whether it be Pochettino, who I do think had a part to play in it, or the chairman, they’ve allowed a top right-back to leave and left themselves with Walker-Peters and a guy in Serge Aurier, who should not play for the club again because he is a liability.”

Foyth has finally recovered from the ankle injury he suffered just before the season began. The 21-year-old played twice for Argentina during the international break, and we think he will start for Tottenham against Watford in the Premier League on Saturday.

Check out our full predicted XI for the Watford game here, and let us know your thoughts on the right-back situation below.



  1. I totally agree but then Eriksen should not even be in the squad and anybody else that is deemed not to be giving 100% should not be in the squad let them wallow with the under 23’s if they are not giving 100% they should not be on the field No player is bigger than the club

  2. One of the worst players I have ever seen in a Spurs shirt.A good friend in Paris who supports PSG had warned me and Unfortunately was bang on.

  3. And that’s coming from jenas who was one of the most useless overrated injury prone players that has ever pulled a spurs shirt on !!

  4. For once I’ve got to agree with Jermaine Anus. Aurier is a thick good for nothing c..t, pity we can’t give the dunce away for free.

    • Ray of the underground Ray of the underground, Ray comes up on his mound, takes some acid whilst standing his ground, Ray of the underground Ray of the underground, did you hear that sound, Ray’s coming up on his trip, Ray of the underground Ray of the underground. Ray the rayver cheesy quaver rayver, Ray’s got the 2019 flavour, Ray of the underground Ray of the underground. Lay off the drugs Raymond.

    • Keith mate whatever your on can I have some aurier is not really aware what day it is let alone who he is defending against he needs to either learn or get out he is an accident waiting to happen

    • I think pochettino bought him for his attacking/wing back skill in a 3-5-2/3-4-3 formation. In fairness to him, he has scored a few and made very good crosses/assists.

  5. Totally agree. We need a decent right back. If nobody in the academy good enough then Levi has to stump up the dosh for a good defender

  6. I can think of several that shouldn’t play for the club……. overpaid primadonnas who need ‘cuddles’.
    What they need is a dose of reality and a good luck up the arse!!!

  7. Yeah he’s very poor indeed. I don’t know why Poch seemed to have an issue with Trippier. He doesn’t like Rose either haha. I can only imagine it’s some kind of weird personal issue he has with them because the other fullbacks they are absolutely dire! On another note…Jenas is one lucky boy to have a career in punditry. Average player (when he actually played and wasn’t injured) and a very vanilla personality but I guess the BBC like that.

  8. Spurs….. How can this love affair be so freakin’ one sided. Spent thousands, and not even a kiss. 1962. Last time we won the league. Does Levy get that?

  9. Selling Trippier was a big mistake. He was quality and got us through difficult games. He was supposed to fill Kyle Walker boots, and he did well. Why sell him ??
    Last season Danny Rose was under the silent treatment alongside Toby and they treated them like rubbish. This season Erikkson is being pushed out and treated shit. He is a great player who is payed a pittance compared with other players of his calibre. Why should he give hundred per cent ??
    Spurs make their own problems. We are in top ten and our team lineup is about right for where we currently are.

  10. Couldn’t agree more I’ve said to all the people I know he’s one of the worst fall backs to put on a Spurs shirt give him away.

  11. Pleased to see that nearly all agree on Aurier.Shame Pocc doesn’t share our views.
    Foyth is good enough for the Argentine 1st team, but not Spurs.

  12. Keith mate whatever your on can I have some aurier is not really aware what day it is let alone who he is defending against he needs to either learn or get out he is an accident waiting to happen

  13. The problem with our team?
    We’ve gone stale!
    If players want to be elsewhere, let them go. Certain players think the grass is greener at so called bigger clubs!!!!!
    It’s a shame they don’t realise they play for one of the biggest & most historic teams in the world.
    We played in a champions league FINAL for god’s sake, not that long ago!!!!
    If players aren’t happy? Get rid!!!!
    If it’s about money? They don’t deserve to wear the shirt!
    I’ve supported spurs since I was in nappies. I’ve seen legends come and go.
    Jennings, Mabbutt, Ardilles, Hoddle, Perryman, Houghton, Lineker, Gazza, Sheringham, Klinsmann, Keane, Kane, etc.
    These boys play for the shirt..……. Not money!
    Also Lloris..…World Cup Winner!!!!! ( & Klinsmann)
    Poch is a great coach. We need keep him, at all costs. He’s our MVP!
    He needs to be left alone to do his job. He’s the boss.

  14. You can have rojo, baillie, Ashley young, phil Jones, smalling from man utd ,,,all for just eriksen and aurier. He’s got a temperament but his footballing is what makes him Aurier. Love him or hate him but you can’t hide behind the fact that even Kane shouldn’t be starting your games … put Son on the bench? Buy strikers not defenders and u will be ok. Kane needs competition too or support if u fancy it better. Love y’all

  15. I love jenas but he should never admonish a fellow professional who is playing football, paid good money. Not cool. He’s entitled to not like the man but please apologise to the man because he is still playing football and you are sitting down and stabbing him publicly. Would you dare say sumfin like that in his face? That would be epic. Please jenas learn from Neville, hate the man or his game but dont hate their career choices..thanks


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