Mauricio Pochettino has admitted Tottenham’s Amazon documentary gives the club “another thing to worry about” during an already difficult period.

Spurs have agreed a deal to be the next team featured in Amazon’s ‘All Or Nothing’ documentary series, which covered Manchester City in 2017/18 and has followed other sport outfits around the world in recent years.

The timing has been derided by some with Tottenham currently suffering one of their worst spells since Pochettino took over as manager in 2014.

The humiliating 7-2 home defeat to Bayern Munich will feature in the documentary, and despite Wednesday’s 5-0 victory over Red Star, many fear Spurs are still in for a difficult remainder of the season.

When asked about the documentary ahead of this weekend’s trip to Liverpool, Pochettino did not sound best pleased about the timing.

“Of course, when the club agreed the deal with Amazon, of course we were worried about it,” he said (via Sky Sports).

“Because it is not easy, it is not easy. You say it is tough to have the camera in your office.

“Then how you handle the situation to have the capacity to say, ‘OK, I am not in a good mood’, but sometimes the camera is going to be there.

“It is so complicated, it is another thing to worry about and of course that adds a lot.

“If we were busy now we are super busy. To plan everyday, everything is not an easy job.

“That is why, when I told you I feel that I am not any more a manager, I am a coach, now I am like a producer. Being coach, manager and producer.”

Pochettino’s comments suggest he was not consulted by the club about the documentary, which plays into the seemingly confused relationship between the Argentinian and chairman Daniel Levy.

In any case, the documentary is happening and Pochettino must find a way to regain some consistency in terms of on-pitch results.



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