Rumours linking Jose Mourinho eyeing a possible return to the Premier League have never stopped ever since the Portugese left Manchester United, with current batch linking Tottenham and Arsenal with a move for the 56-year old. What fuels these rumours? Is Mourinho really an option to replace Pochettinho? And does it even make sense to think about Pochettino leaving Spurs?

Pochettino Linked with Manchester United and Real Madrid

In recent years it has seemed that the only way Pochettino will ever leave Tottenham is by his own choice. His name has linked with a possible move to Manchester United, both before and since the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The other option is a move to Real Madrid, which doesn’t seem to be the likely in the short-term, with the team on-course to qualify from their Champions League group and currently second in La Liga.

So, the likelier move for Pochettino would be towards Manchester United. However, the results he has earned with Tottenham and the great love story between him and the club make it less likely that he will move towards a Premier League rival. So, without any possible scenarios for Pochettino to leave based on his own will, is there a chance that the Argentinian will get the sack and be replaced by Mourinho?

A Shaky Start of the Season

Despite an impressive recent win against Red Star Belgrade in the UEFA Champions League, Tottenham haven really been firing on all cylinders this season. Every fan wants to forget as quickly as possible the 7 – 2 against Bayern or the humiliation administered by Brighton in the Premier League. The EFL Cup elimination to Colchester and the 2 – 2 draw in Greece against Olympiacos were also low points. Only the fortune of sharing a group with weaker teams, sees Spurs still likely to qualify for the Champions League knockout stages.

Taking the lead against Liverpool and then losing the match 2 – 1 was yet another one on the list of disappointments. Even though there is no clear signal that Pochettino’s job might be in danger, all those bad results have to count for something. If Pochettino cannot turn Tottenham’s form around there is only one way that the situation is likely to end, which would then pose the question – are they really going to go for Mourinho?

What Could Mourinho Bring to the Table?

You can say a lot of things about Jose Mourinho but he does seem to get trophies wherever he goes and Tottenham are in desperate need of a trophy soon. It’s true that the Portuguese didn’t have the best time at Manchester United, but his reputation endures sufficiently to ensure that he remains linked to big jobs.

It’s also true that a move to Tottenham Hotspur would give Mourinho the chance to work with a far better squad than what he had at Manchester United and this could be the key to seeing his full potential. After the failure at Old Trafford it would of course represent a gamble, the kind you’d get at UK online casinos. You never quite know what you’ll get. He can shine and bring trophies with a modest squad as he did at FC Porto at the start of his coaching career. Or, he can cause conflict and unrest as he did at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Then, there’s the question of Tottenham fans accepting a coach like Mourinho on the bench after the excellent experience they had with Pochettino along the years. Just a quick look at the styles of both coaches and you will realise they’re completely different and the arrogant style of Mourinho might not sit well with Tottenham’s supporters. Nor might his style of football.

At this point, everyone is hoping that Tottenham will snap back and the good results will keep flowing for them, so that Pochettino keeps his spot.



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