Tottenham fans have once more taken to social media to show their anger towards Christian Eriksen, for his appalling performance in the draw with Everton earlier this afternoon.

Despite an equally poor showing across Stanley Park in Spurs’ defeat at Liverpool last weekend, the Danish international was surprisingly named in Mauricio Pochettino’s starting line-up at Goodison Park.

And Eriksen once again failed to put himself in the show window.

You can see by these horrible numbers just how poor Eriksen was against Everton. He didn’t create a single chance for his Tottenham team-mates. And fans have quite predictably lost their patience with a player that was only recently considered one of Spurs’ most important players and a crucial part of DESK (Dele, Eriksen, Son & Kane).

Now, fans can’t bare to see him playing. Have a look at some of the best tweets below.



  1. Blame lies firmly with the clueless tit that keeps picking him. The sooner this manager buggers off to any idiotic club that wants him , the sooner we can go forward. But it won’t happen so don’t hold your breath. Just enjoy watching a vibrant Leicester and Chelsea have a go at City and Liverpool.

  2. We need to drop dead wood now and bring in some youngsters from the academy. As they are all leaving at end of season for free we must replace now for others to gain playing time. Plus we have some good players onway up to bring in. Hope for happy days ahead

  3. One of misses over the weekend, is the fact Parrot should be on the first Team roster, getting mop up minutes for occasions like this where kane goes down and we think Moura lacking confidence from being glued to the bench and Son are going to turm on the magic. I can name all the players in similar situation over the years that were considered bust. Look no further than Poch over playing Kane and not having an option to replace him with a like for like. We saw that with Saldano, Janssen and Llorente. Parrot should have been in a position to get his first start Sunday, yet he was no where to be found. Poch is tacticless and clueless. While he keeps playing Erikssen who has checked out since last season.


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