Jose Mourinho has said it is up to Christian Eriksen if the Tottenham midfielder wants to reveal the nature of the pair’s talks.

Sky Sports claims Eriksen has told Mourinho he plans to leave Spurs either in January or when his contract expires at the end of the season. And while Mourinho admits he has spoken to the Dane about the matter, he has refused to disclose the details of their discussions.

Speaking ahead of Tottenham’s crunch clash with Wolves in the Premier League on Sunday, Mourinho insisted he will not break the good relationship he has built up with Eriksen since arriving at the club by breaking their mutual trust.

“I only know his contract ends at the end of the season and the conversations I have had with Christian are private conversations that I am not going to share,” Mourinho said (via Sky Sports).

“I think it is a personal thing. I am not going to share.

“He was so honest with me and I was so honest with him that our relationship is really, really good.

“We have a very good relationship that started on day one. I am not going to betray that trust and relationship.

“I just share these intimate conversations with the structure of the club, and Christian obviously knows I am an important part of the club and my job is to share with the structure but to you, it is not for me to say.

“It is up to Christian to tell anything he wants to or not.”

Eriksen has mostly been used from the bench since Mourinho was appointed. The playmaker was handed a rare start against Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Wednesday but arguably didn’t do enough to earn a start this weekend.

If Eriksen is to leave in January, rumours of where he could go will likely start cropping up in the coming days with the transfer window fast approaching.



  1. This Eriksen Saga is worse than the Brexit one.
    When Eriksen 1st stated that he wanted to leave as had a dream of playing for Real Madrid,I understood him wanting to join the “Greatest club side in the world”.However, he going there is by no means a certainty and he appears happy to join several other clubs including in this country.
    He appears just hell bent on “getting away from us” and who ever to, very much like we were a team of lepers.This is an insult to our club;we should just get rid of him if possible in January and he should not ever be in our squad of 18 ever again.


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